What is Vaginal Rugae Rejuvination?

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Don't get confused.

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That term refers simply to the internal vaginal wall. There are two non-surgical technologies available for improving laxity and mucosal lubrication. They are Radiofrequency (ThermiVa) and CO2 laser (Fem Touch, Femilift, etc.), ThermiVa can also be used externally to shrink and tighten redundant labial tissue. The laser devices can only be used in the vagina. 

Do your research and make sure that the plastic surgeon, gynecologist, or urogynecologist with whom you consult us experienced, knowledgable, and board certified. Good luck.

Vaginal ruguae rejuvenation is an idea

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The lining of the vaginal canal normally has wrinkles. Gynecologists have observed for many decades that sagging of the vaginal walls is sometimes associated with an absence of these wrinkles in certain areas. These smooth areas are usually sites where the deeper supports of the vagina have been damaged. Some people have postulated erroneously that etching some wrinkles into these smooth areas will magically fix the damaged deeper vaginal supports. Ergo, vaginal rugae rejuvenation. As for "medical literature" on this topic, I review articles for major medical journals on a regular basis and found that there is but a single 10-woman study by a single surgeon who concluded unsurprisingly that he was uncertain that it was either safe or effective (or even a quarter as effective as lowly Kegel exercises).

What is Vaginal Rugae Rejuvenation or Restoration (VRR) ?

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Thank you for writing in with your excellent question!  Not many women are aware that there are ridges and grooves in the walls of the vagina called Rugae.  These ridges are considered grippers and enhance sensation and when they disappear some women can experience a "smooth" feeling and less sensation with intercourse.  A procedure was developed by Prof. Ostrzenski called Vaginal Rugae Restoration or Rejuvenation (VRR) and he did a 5 year study on 10 women who underwent this procedure and they reported an almost 20% increase in sensation of penile strokes.  The procedure has been published in a scientific journal and was reviewed by peers before publishing so this is a credible and valid surgical procedure that can help some women with this condition.  There are a small number of physicians that offer VRR in the country.  For more information on VRR, please visit the link below.

I hope this information is helpful.


Troy Robbin Hailparn, MD, FACOG

Cosmetic Gynecology Center of San Antonio

Labia majoras

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And Thanks for your question, that's sagging labia majora of vagina and corrects through vaginal rejuvenation reyeno redesign of the labia majora.

Miriam Luciano, MD
Dominican Republic OB-GYN

Vaginal Rugae Rejuvination??

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"Vaginal Rugae Rejuvenation" is misleading and a marketing term used by a surgeon in Northern Florida and perhaps a few of his accolytes. It is where, using either electrosurgery, laser, or radiofrequency surgery, "groves" are performed in the vagina. Does nothing really, and is a waste of your money!

If you tell us what you wish to accomplish, what are your issues, I can perhaps point you in the right direction... The weblink below is a start in the right direction...


Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

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