What type if Doctor is the best to have ThermiVa done with?

I see lots of options for Dr's for this procedure including Derm Surgeons. I know the number of procedures is important but should I be considering OB/GYN first? I don't see alot of views on the Dr's in my area for this one and am nervous on who to choose. Please help.
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Type of Doc for ThermiVa

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As ThermiVa is a non-surgical and completely non-invasive treatment, it is safe in the hands of any doctor who has had appropriate training and an understanding of the feminine anatomy. To make the best judgement call, look for a doctor who holds board certifications, and has positive references and testimonials both online and in person. Ask a doctor you trust for a reference, and seek recommendations from friends or connections that can vouch for the doctor in question. RealSelf is particularly helpful for those who would like to gauge public opinion about cosmetic procedures and the doctors who administer them. Best of luck!

Gynecologists are more knowledgeable on the spectrum of options for which ThermiVa is done

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ThermiVa is a machine which works well in the hands of any physician who learns how to use it and it won't hurt you in any way. However, a gynecologist will be better able to tell you if the procedure has a chance of helping you with your issues or whether something else might be better suited to your needs. Gyns will also be able to offer combinations of therapies to work synergistically for even better results.

A pelvic floor surgeon

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Here is the reality of it - all kinds of people are offering Thermiva treatments, but the problems that Thermiva is helpful for can be addressed by a variety of different treatments, and only a physician skilled in pelvic floor repair, both surgical and non-surgical, has the training to fully evaluate you and help you to decide the best course of treatment.  

Any physician that doesn't do pelvic floor surgery but offers Thermiva is offering it as a treatment you can buy, just like botox or other cash pay cosmetic treatments.  What you really need is a pelvic floor expert who really looks into the problem.   These docs are gynecologists and urogynecologists, not dermatologists, and not plastic surgeons.

When considering ThermiVa, seek a gynecologist

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When considering ThermiVa, it's important to locate a Board Certified Gynecologist who specializes in women’s pelvic health.  Vaginal restoration is complicated and the most appropriate clinician for women with associated conditions is someone who is very familiar with female anatomy. Multiple conditions can exist at the same time in a woman's pelvic zone and conditions not recognized by a dedicated women's health care provider could be missed and result in complications. 

What doctor should I see to have a Thermiva performed?

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Thermiva is a useful tool in the treatment of vaginal laxity and atrophy.  It can also improve the appearance of a woman's external genitalia.  But like anything else it is not a cure all no matter what anyone says.  I would recommend seeing a gynecologist or urogynecologist (FPMRS) if you are going to have a procedure on your vagina.  Other things could be going on and you might as well get expert evaluation. 

Benefits of selecting a Plastic Surgeon

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Choosing a physician for any procedure, both surgical and nonsurgical is very important. The most significant aspect is to see a board certified plastic surgeon with passion and experience with the procedures you are considering. Many Plastic Surgeons perform labiaplasty procedures, they are very familiar with women’s anatomy. A plastic surgeon would also be able to determine if you are a good candidate for Thermiva, and/or suited for a labiaplasty. In addition many OB/GYN physicians focus on insurance based reimbursement vs elective cosmetic procedures and many are also much more functional issues and improvement verses cosmetic payment and reimbursement. However either Ob/GYN or plastic surgeons can treat these issues equally well depending on their passion and experience.


Dr. B

Choose a plastic surgeon, ob/gyn or urogynecologist who specializes in feminine intimate surgery and vaginal health

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See my answer in the title.  Why would you choose a face or facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist for your vagina treatment?  Visit the Thermiva.com website to find a provider in your area. Then chose a doctor who shows on his personal practice website that he specializes in feminine intimate surgery and management of vaginal problems and your sexual medicine concerns.  Then go consult wth that Doctor. If you feel uncomfortable with the Doctor at your visit, choose another doctor who you trust.

Type of Dr for Thermi

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I would strongly recommend you have a consultation with a Board Certified Urogynecologist / Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgeon that offers Thermi as well as surgical,options for vaginal rejuvenation. A thorough history and physical exam by an expert in this area ie vaginal surgery is critical to determine if this is the right option for you... Otherwise you could be wasting a great deal of money. 


Dr Robert D Moore, FACOG, FPMRS, FACS

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What type if Doctor is the best to have ThermiVa done with?

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I would agree with you that you want to choose a provider that is familiar with the anatomy of the vagina and can tell you whether you would be a good candidate for ThermiVa versus surgical vaginoplasty depending on the degree of vaginal relaxation involved. I see many women who travel from out of state for the procedure. What is nice about ThermiVa is that there is no down-time or pain involved. Best wishes.

Type of doctor for Thermiva

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Your choice of doctor will depend on the reasons you are wanting Thermiva. You should have a physical evaluation to see if Thermiva would be right for addressing the needs you have.  Likely you would receive the best pelvic exam from a urologist or ob/gyn.  ThermiVa is performed with a safety controlled machine and small wand. There are built in safety mechanisms which control maximum temperature, etc. As long as the physician has been specifically trained, you should be in safe hands.

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