Tummy Tuck and Two Revisions: Still Have Above Belly Button Bulges (Photos)

Tummy tuck 12/2008 w/ lipo on flanks, hips & inner thighs, not good, left with bulges above belly button & not tight enough, 12/2010 revision, tightened skin, I was left w/worse bulging above belly button & dog ears!

1/2016 another revision new surgeon, he pulled skin tight on bottom, no muscle tightening done but still have bulges above & to r side, never all tight/flat, surgeon wants to do upper tummy tuck to fix this, I'm nervous about this & the big scar, can anything else fix this?

1st pics taken around 3 1/2 wks after last surgery, the rest take 8/12/16, 6 1/2 months post surg, some I was sitting to show that view as well!

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Abdominal bulge

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It would be wise to do imaging of the abdominal wall, CT scan or MRI, to see what is the true nature of bulging. It could be fat deposit not removed with liposuction, abdominal wall bulging due to muscle weakness or true hernia. Once deformity is defined both clinically and by imaging, your should discuss with your surgeon options how to correct it. If it is simple fat redundancy liposuction will address it. However, if it is due to muscle/abdominal wall laxity more extensive surgery including endoscopic hernia repair or reinforcement of abdominal wall by other means should be considered.You should discuss your concerns  with a surgeon and develop appropriate plan of treatment. Good luck.

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