Tummy tuck and c section be done at the same time?

could i have tt done when i do the c section? it just puzzles me why do two incisions when one can achieve both purposes an having only one recovery to deal with?

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Tummy tuck and C-section at the same time

We advise against combining these procedures.  The fascia is very weak and holds sutures poorly.  The risk is also increased of blood clots and infection with the extra operative time.  It's tough enough to have a baby without having the fascia tightened!

The tummy tucks that are often done at the same time as a C-section are 'mickey mouse' tummy tucks that do not adequately address the looseness of the upper fascia that inevitably occur with childbirth.

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Tummy tuck and c section be done at the same time?

Thank you for your question. While I can appreciate it seeming like these two things could be accomplished at the same time, let me assure you this is not a good idea. It is never advisable to pair a medically necessary procedure with a cosmetic procedure, especially when there are additional risks incurred by pairing them together. One would need to wait several months after childbirth before considering a tummy tuck. 

Hope this helps!

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Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty/Liposuction/Vaser High Definition Procedures/Tummy Tuck Revision

I appreciate your question.

No I would not recommend this.  I would advise that you wait 6-12 months after you finish breast feeding prior to undergoing elective surgery.  This will allow your body adequate time to heal and recover as well as get back to your pre-preganacy weight.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

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Tummy tuck and c section be done at the same time?

I can see why this would be an attractive option to you. There are a few reasons that make this a poor choice. A C-section and childbirth do not provide the most sterile environment to perform surgery. There can also be complications with bleeding or with the delivery itself. These things then impact the ability to perform a tummy tuck successfully or even at all. In addition to the higher rate for complications, your abdominal wall and skin are not in the state to be evaluated in terms of how much tightening can be accomplished. Everything has been stretched out and there will be some recovery of the tissue over the 3-4 months after delivery. In short, I do not recommend and would be unwilling to perform a tummy tuck at the same time as a C-section.

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Tummy tuck and c section be done at the same time?

Very, very bad idea.  I am wondering if this is your first pregnancy?  There are sooooo many changes in the abdominal wall with pregnancy and then again after delivery.  Trying to do a decent tummy tuck at the time of delivery would be like trying to operate on a moving target.  You just could not expect to get a nice result and the tummy tuck would add considerable risk at a time when you want to keep risk to a minimum.  Have your baby.  Recovery from the delivery and then consider a tummy tuck when the time is right. And it just could be that you could be one of the lucky ones that doesn't even need a tummy tuck!  Such women do exist.

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Tummy tuck and c section be done at the same time?

When I was a resident in plastic surgery, some senior plastic surgeons tried combining a tummy tuck with C-section.  Unfortunately the long-term results were quite disappointing because with pregnancy the muscles and fascia of the anterior abdominal wall are so stretched that no matter how much they are tightened they will loosen up again later.  In addition, the skin will also loosen up because it is impossible to predict how much skin can be removed.  Finally, the chance of complications, especially wound infection, are higher.  So in my opinion and that of all of my colleagues that I know it is not recommended.

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Tummy tuck and C Section timing

I recommend waiting at least one year after a C Section before having a tummy tuck procedure - this time period, while long, will allow you to stabilize your body weight prior to body contouring surgery.

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What procedures can be combined?

Thank you for your question. It is often safe and less cumbersome to combine procedures to limit the anesthetic and recovery time. However, I would advise against this particular combination for several reasons. First, there will be some natural retraction of your tissue after the baby is born. It is best to let this stabilize before performing a tummy tuck in order to give you the best and most lasting result. Additionally, a tummy tuck has a fairly significant recovery and strict lifting restrictions- these do not go well with a newborn- it's simply too physiologically taxing. Lastly, the risk of complications would be significantly increased in this combination- particularly for blood clot and infection. I know it seems silly to use the same incision type for a later procedure, but this is one where it's simply worth it to wait. Congratulations on your new baby. Best wishes, Dr. Meghan Nadeau, Seattle, WA

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Tummy tuck

It is not a good idea to have a tummy tuck and c section at the same time. Your baby is the number one priority in this situation. There is plenty of time after the pregnancy to have the tummy tuck

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Higher Risk of complications


It is not recommended to perform an abdominoplasty at the same time as a cesarean section, as higher complication profile has been shown.  Aside from that your uterus is still very large, preventing proper muscle tightening. 

Best of luck! 

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