TT with flank lipo and after 4 months plus but ends are not right? Do I need revisions? (photos)

Had TT and flank lipo with MR. But since 2 week time period had pleating on LT side end of incision with fibrous knot above single drain placed & slight pucker on end of RT side. Generally before follow up appt, should we be discussing revision? I do not think it will change. Had no swelling & rest great. But want to look good naked. Good time to do it? What would be done? Is it a big deal? How long to heal? Handle costs? PS GB removal after 2 months, no comps. Thanks for your consideration.

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Pleating, darts or puckering of the skin at the ends of tummy tuck incisions are extremely common. Although they are very noticeable at first, as the swelling goes down and with time and massage over months most resolve or diminish considerably. If there is no improvement after a few months of observation, I am sure your doctor will revise those areas at minimal to no additional charge. It is easy to do in the office under local anesthesia with minimal recovery. 

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