How many treatments do you think it would take to get this removed? (photos)

I've had this tattoo for over six years and hate how it turned out so I never went in to do anything further.

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Tattoo Removal -- Pico/Q Switched Laser

Tattoos should be removed with q switched or pico lasers, we will often combine with fractional lasers to help speed the process. No matter the device it will take several treatments to see the outcome depending on your response and the technology. Please consult with a laser expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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Tattoo removal

Dark ink is the ideal color for laser tattoo removal using the 1064 Q switch YAG laser.  The number of treatments is somewhere around 6 but may be fewer with the R20 technique

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Average Number of Tattoo Removal Sessions

My preference for tattoo removal is with a laser that uses Pico technology. We offer the PiQo4 laser which has 4 Pico wavelengths including the 1064 wavelength for black pigment. With this advanced technology tattoos can be removed in as little as 4-6 sessions on average.
Dr. Daniel Ritacca

Daniel J. Ritacca, MD
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PicoSure Sessions

Thank you for your question. PicoSure is a great laser for tattoo removal. There are many factors that determine how many sessions of the PicoSure will be effective for your tattoo removal. Although black is an easy ink color to remove, it can take longer deepening on how densely the tattoo was placed. Typically it takes 3-6 treatments of the PicoSure laser to fully remove a tattoo and some patients have required up to 12 sessions. Sometimes this can’t be fully determined until the patient has undergone treatment. Please schedule a consultation with a qualified provider. 

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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How many treatments to remove tattoo?

Hello, thank you for your question. This tattoo should be fairly easy to remove, it is all black and mostly just outline and not heavy ink. Depending on the device being used, that should determine how many treatments may be necessary. The latest technology is Pico-Second technology. The PicoWay Laser (Candela/Syneron) uses photoacoustic impact/pressure waves rather than photothermal/heat.  This process has less heat, therefore it is more comfortable and the chances of hyperpigmentation are less.  The Pico-second pulse shatters the ink into even smaller particles, allowing the body to more easily absorb the ink. With the Pico-Second technology, a tattoo can usually be removed in about half as many treatments as the traditional Q-switch devices. I might guess that this tattoo could be eliminated in about 4-6 treatments with the Pico-second technology.  You can check in your area to see if this technology is available by clicking on the attached web link and putting in your zip code to search.Good Luck!

Mark A. Blair, MD
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Tattoo removal (black ink)

Black ink is the easiest to remove of all the inks. Given the density of your ink and how old the tattoo is I would probably estimate 3 to 5 treatments using the Enlighten laser. It should be simple!

Manu B. Aggarwal, MD
Lima Phlebologist

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