Does ThermiVa Treat Leaky Bladder Symptoms?

Will ThermiVa reduce leaky bladder symptoms?

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I hear about this problem constantly from our friends and most of our mommy makeover patients.  Jogging on the trail near our house, working out at the gym, Jazzercise or yoga, no one wants a stain in the groin region.  It keeps many from even participating.  We started with a handful of our "friends" and were pleasantly surprised at how uniformly effective this treatment is.  For an hour long, non-surgical session that is not uncomfortable, spaced a month apart and NO down time from any activities, including intercourse, and it is could you not want this improvement.  Anyone with severe leaking will not have significant change.  Mild to moderate leaking sufferers will see improvement as soon as the first treatment.  Most of our patients have required 2-4 treatments.  We have patients coming up on a year who have stayed consistently symptom free. 

ThermiVa Treats Urinary Leakage and Urgency

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ThermiVa is a good option in treating patients with mild to moderate stress incontinence and over-active bladder symptoms.  If symptoms exceed the mild to moderate category then surgery is likely a better option.

David L. Robbins, MD, FACS
West Des Moines Plastic Surgeon

Bladder Leakage

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That's a great question and yes, ThermiVa does treat that problem in patients. Many of our patients have been very pleased with their results.

ThermiVa and Bladder Problems

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ThermiVa works by delivering radiofrequency (thermal energy) via a small probe to both the internal vaginal canal and the external labia. The tissue is heated to specific temperatures, encouraging the growth of new collagen, increased blood flow and improved nerve supply. ThermiVa is FDA approved for skin tightening, however, patients also report increased sensation, moisture and improvement in symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.


ThermiVa improves leaky bladder and more!

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ThermiVa is an amazing non-surgical procedure with immediate and long-lasting benefits. It helps with bladder incontinence (leaky bladder), orgasmic disorders, external and internal laxity (looseness), and lubrication. Patients will notice an immediate contraction of the labia with just one treatment, but the longer-lasting benefits of ThermiVa will be obtained with a full series of 3 treatments.

ThermiVa for Leaky Bladder

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While ThermiVa is used mainly to treat vaginal laxity, it may also be able to improve mild to moderate urinary incontinence. Patients who are experience mild leakage during exercise or laughing may be able to benefit. Most patients require 2-4 treatments to see a significant improvement in symptoms.

THERMIva and Leaky Bladder

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THERMIva is indicated for vaginal laxity, however, there have been many other positive “side effects” women have gained after a series of THERMIva treatments the most significant of these is for improvement of urinary incontinence.  We have had patients go for a 10 mile run or go home and jump on a trampoline without recurrent leaking. THERMIva is a great non-surgical, non-invasive option for mild to moderate urinary stress incontinence! And so much more!.

No more Leaking

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Absolutely, most women with mild to moderate urinary incontinence experience

dramatic improvement after several treatments from ThermiVa. In our experience

it usually takes 3 treatments to get good results but some women experience

improvement more quickly. Get back to running, laughing, coughing and exercising

and stay dry!

Joseph Morandi, DO
Morristown Family Physician

ThermiVa and Stress Incontinence

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Although not the original intent of the treatment, many of our patients have reported significant improvement with stress incontinence.  Since ThermiVa uses RF technology to heat the area of the vagina improving elasticity and increasing collagen production in the area, it helps provide more support to the urethra and bladder areas that are right above the vagina.  With more support, there is less leaking from stress activities such as sneezing, coughing, exercising etc.  

Leaky Bladders: ThermiVa is effective, but see a specialist to be sure.

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Thank you for one of the most important questions about ThermiVa.  ThermiVa has been shown to improve mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence (the leaks that come with coughing/sneezing/jumping jacks).  My patients have been extremely happy with their results with many having a complete resolution of their symptoms.  If you require large diapers that are getting soaked, then ThermiVa is probably not a treatment that will give you satisfactory results. 

In cases of leaky bladders, it is best to see a board-certified gynecologist with experience in pelvic dysfunction/urinary incontinence who performs ThermiVa to see what treatment is correct for you.

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