ThermiVa: How Long Do The Results Last?

Are the results from ThermiVa permanent?

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ThermiVa maintenence

Just as with any restoration and rejuvenation project there has to be some ongoing maintenance. I usually tell my patients that you don't wash and wax your car just once.

After the three recommended treatments most of the studies and clients are checking in back in with their providers in about a year.  Combine treatments and recommendations of gynecologist, urologist, or primary care manager when indicated can improve the quality and longevity of the procedure.  The value of the sexual health for the patient and her partner can be a high priority.

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Results Vary

ThermiVa results will vary from patient to patient, depending upon age, health & medical condition. In most patients results are maximized after three treatments and an annual touchup (meaning a single 30 minute treatment yearly). 

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How long do the results last

Thank you for the question.  Like all parts of the body, we will continue to age over time with wear and tear and hormonal changes that we all go through.  ThermiVa uses radiofrequency to deliver heat into the female genital region.  This causes increased blood flow, increased sensitivity, increased tissue tightening, and improved moisture balance. The outer genital region benefits when the tissues are tightened.  This can last about 6 months or so.  The inner vaginal tightening can last about 9-15 months.  Everyone is different, but like most tightening procedures, it will not last forever as we continue to age. Hope this helps.  

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ThermiVa Maintenance Treatments

Thank you for this question.  Unfortunately, there are no procedures that will stop you from continuing to age.  The need to retreat will be based on individual needs and expectations.  For example, if ThermiVa was done for urinary incontinence and even a small leak is unacceptable, then a touchup may need to be done sooner rather than later.  In addition, both genetic and environmental factors (such as smoking, weight gain/obesity, hormones, etc.) affect aging of the vaginal tissue.  Overall, the expectation is that women will need one treatment per year as maintenance.

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ThermiVa results do not last forever

As good of a treatment as ThermiVa is, results are not forever. This is true of FemiLift and Mona Lisa Touch, Three treatments 1 month apart of ThermiVa are recommended (they take 20-30 min), and then with follow up about yearly. Follow up treatments can be based on patient symptoms. Follow up treatments more than yearly are also completely safe. Everybody is different. Our bodies have constant cellular turnover so collagen levels will also be less over time if you do not maintain maintenance therapy.

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ThermiVA maintainance

ThermiVA  it's a very quick procedure takes about 30 minutes and it's done approximately once a month for a total of three times. Treatment regimen is completed and most doctors would recommend that you have maintenance treatments about once per year. This is totally up to you however based on how your treatment and results are going. you may see improvements in vaginal mucosal thickening, improved moisture, tightening, increased sensitivity, and reduced leakage that can last a very long time. Because all of these treatments are relatively new no one can truly say how long they may last but anecdotal evidence from the longest providers indicate it will be in the range of about a year. 

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How Long Do ThermiVa Results Last

The typical protocol for ThermiVa treatments at my practice is 3 treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart. I tell my patients that many women see improvement in vaginal tightening after the first treatment, but that optimal results will be observed 3 months after the third treatment.

From there, I like to reevaluate my patients after 3 months to see how well they responded to the treatment. Annual maintenance is recommended but the maintenance phase is different for every woman - ranging anywhere from every 9-18 months. Discuss your results with your physician. They'll be able to guide you to the best recommendation.


ThermiVa Longevity

Thank you for your question. ThermiVa is non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment with no downtime that can improve the tightness of the internal and external tissues, improve mild female incontinence, as well as improve sensation and moisture. After an initial series of 3 treatments it is recommended to have a maintenance treatment approximately once every 12 months. Unfortunately no treatment is permanent as we cannot stop the aging process. 

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How long does Thermiva last?

How long Thermiva results lasts, depends on the patient. In general, we see results at three months and may last between 9-12 months. Therefore, we recommend that if you like your results to have a touch-up treatment, which is one treatment, between 9-12 months after your last one.

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All Vaginal therapies need follow-up

The THERMIva has no long term studies to show when the "touch up" maintenance treatment is going to be needed. It will depend on each patient. However, recently a 1 year study for MonaLisa Touch was presented at the Annual urogyncologist meeting showing that vaginal tissue revitationation, caliber, dryness, pain, itching all improved and did not reoccur in a 12 month period. This data appears to be be what all vaginal therapies are basing their information on. The THERMIva is still early under investigation with only antidotal physician experiance.

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