How does ThermiSmooth work?

Can you please explain the ThermiSmooth procedure, what should I expect?

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Thermismooth: how does it work and what can i expect?

ThermiSmooth is a #noninvasive treatment that uses very controlled #radio frequencies that deep heat target tissues and stimulate #collagen growth, improving the appearance of cellulite.  A series of three to six treatments are needed for the best results.  #Thermismooth may also be used to treat fine lines or wrinkles.

Cellulite is extremely common. An estimated 100 million women in the USA between the ages of 20-54 voice concern about #cellulite. Cellulite is caused by fibrous bands underneath the skin that compress #fat, #diet and #exercise do little to help the appearance of this condition.  Clinical treatments offer the most effective and longest lasting results.  We can now offer improvements that should last at least 2-3 years. My office also recommends three different procedures: ThermiSmooth, VelaShape 3, and Cellfina or Cellifina Platinum.  

VelaShape 3 is a non-invasive treatment combining #massage rollers, a vacuum to elevate the target# tissue, infrared lights to heat the target tissue, and bi-polar radio frequencies which guide the heat; all together helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. I suggest over six sessions, one week apart.  The combination of these technologies causes the connective tissue under the skin to heat up, stimulating collagen growth, #improving cellulite and skin elasticity.  #VelaShape 3 may also be used for eliminating fat cells around the stomach and thighs.  

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ThermiSmooth - What to Expect

ThermiSmooth is a radiofrequency device that utilizes controlled heating of the dermis to stimulate collagen production and skin tightening, which causes your skin to project a more youthful and vibrant appearance. This procedure is completely non-invasive, FDA cleared, and results in no downtime. Our patients generally experience mild redness, which typically dissipates within an hour, and they can apply makeup immediately after the treatment if desired. Furthermore, there is no required anesthesia and patients return to regular activities as soon as they have finished the procedure. Generally we recommend anywhere from 4-6 ThermiSmooth treatments spaced approximately three weeks apart, with each subsequent treatment dependent upon your individual response. Usually the best results are achieved somewhere in the range of 4-6 treatments; however, patients may begin to experience immediate tightening and lifting after the first procedure.

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ThermiSmooth Device

ThermiSmooth is a radiofrequency device used most commonly around the eyelid and lip areas.  Using the energy to warm the tissues causing a biological response over a period of weeks to months to tighten the skin, increase collagen and improve the look of those areas treated.  The treatment takes less than 30 minuets, requires no anesthesia and uses a gel to massage the areas as radiofrequency energy is applied.  This at most will cause a slight blush to the treated skin. Make-up can be applied right afterwards & Return to full activities. 

How ThermiSmooth Works

Thermi uses radiofrequency to heat the tissue causing just enough injury to the tissue to stimulate collagen production and to tighten the skin. Since the ThermiSmooth is completely external and non invasive, it requires no down time. The "damage" caused is so minimal that is really results in just a pinkness of the skin in the treated area that dissipates within a couple of hours, however this is enough to stimulate that tightening response within the tissue.

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How does ThermiSmooth Work?

ThermiSmooth is a radiofrequency devices that heats the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production and skin tightening. It does require 3 treatments each spaced 3 weeks apart. It does not require any premedication or numbing and produces a warming/heat sensation during the treatment that is well tolerated by our patients. The results take several months to become apparent but most will say that they feel the skin becoming tighter sooner than this. 

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ThermiSmooth - how it works

ThermiSmooth uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the tissues. This controlled heating results in the skin and other tissue improvement. This is very similar to FaceTite.
I hope that helps and best regards, Dr. Sapijaszko

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