Can I have the goretex implant removed and have my old bridge back with a little bit tip refinement?

I had rhinoplasty using goretex implant on bridge. (Nothing else done to bone/structure of nose just placement of goretex on brigde and slight alar reduction) loved my before natural born with nose side profile/bridge before rhino just didn't like the tip and was suggested to do bridge argumentation. (Which now i realize has nothing to do with tip!) I didn't like my nose a year after healing but was too scared do a revision. 

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Removing gortex bridge implant

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You should be able to remove your gortex implant if you want and you don't have to replace it with anything if you don't want to.

At the same time you could have tip rhinoplasty performed to refine its appearance. This would probably involve improving your tip projection.

You can read more about this type of tip rhinoplasty (and see before and after photos) at my web reference link below.

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