Can a Temple fat transfer give upper face a lift?

Plastic surgeon recommend a temple fat transfer to give upper face a lift, I am also having C02 laser at the same time. Can I get a lift to the upper face with a temple fat trasfer?

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Facial fat transfer

By augmenting facial volume in the face, the patient will sometimes get a "lifted look". The analogy can be made to a deflated balloon. If a balloon is deflated, it will look saggy and depressed, but as volume is increased, the balloon will be inflated and lifted. Fat grafting can have that same effect, of volumizing, which gives the effect of lifting. I hope that makes sense.Good luck.

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Fat transfer to the temple

Hello boswell1, thank you for your question.  Fat transfer is frequently performed to augment the temples because volume loss is common in this area.  The upper face appears rejuvenated when volume is restored and it may appear "lifted", especially during the early post-operative period when it's somewhat swollen.  However, it does not lift the upper face the way a brow/temple lift does.  Hope that helps.

Goretti H. Taghva MD

Goretti Ho Taghva, MD
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Temple fat transfer for upper face lift

The correct answer is it depends. If you have firm skin and minimal sagging then skillfully placed fat will create a mild lift. If you also have thin skin and undergo a traditional ablative CO2 laser treatment that will also give a tightening and moderate lift. Combining the two should give you a noticeable lift that may be all you need for you desired effect. However for someone with severe sagging will be better served with a lift procedure. They may still benefit from fat transfer and laser after the surgery.

Curtis Perry, MD
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Temple fat transfer will not lift the upper face!

Temple fat transfer will not lift the upper face! A forehead lift does this. High hairline = Irregular Trichophytjc Approach.  Low hairline=endoscopic approach.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Can a Temple fat transfer give upper face a lift?

when you put something into the face, it makes the skin above the something expand and change shape. Filling the temple makes a hollow temple look flat or very slightly convex, it also takes away the peanut shape to the head. It really doesn't lift but it can look a little like it.

Val Lambros, MD, FACS
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Pseudo lift let's say

Whenever you inject fat to a certain area it gets more volumen. In younger people where the skin is fine this added volume can give de impression of a lift, specially in areas such as the temple o tail of the brow where there is strong bone for the fat to site in. 

Javier Galindo, MD
Spain Facial Plastic Surgeon

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