When does the tape from my stitches get removed typically?

Typically when do Drs. take off the tape on incisions?

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When does the tape typically get removed?

Thank you for your question.  This varies from doctor to doctor, so it is best to check with your PS to find out what their post-op protocol is.  For my practice I typically remove the tape at 1 week post-op.

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When does the tape from my stitches get removed typically?

Thank you for your question, each surgeon has their own specific post op protocols - this question is best answered by your surgeon. Typically I remove the tape off my patients after 7 days. Best of luck. 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Surgical tape

The surgical tape is typically used to take the tension off of the incision.  If it doesn't come off on its own, it is usually removed around 10 days after surgery.  It is best to check with your surgeon for his/her protocol before removal however.  

Camille Cash, MD
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Most likely you plastic surgeon will be the only one to answer that question.
thia issue does not sound like an emergency.

Dr Ron Hazani

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Incision tapes

Every surgeon may may a different protocol, and some depends on how the closure was done.
We see patients back at about a week after surgery and remove (and occasionally replace)  the tape.  Your own surgeon will be the more appropriate target for your question.

All the best

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When does the tape from my stitches get removed typically?

After surgery the incision is closed with sutures and then steristrips and sometimes a transparent opsite is placed over the steristrips. This maneuver helps the tension on the skin edge.  I usually let the steristrips fall off with gentle showers after a few days and if they haven't by 10 days I will gently peel them off.

Thomas Guillot, MD
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