Swelling after working out. Is this normal? Should I not workout again tomorrow? I don't have pain just a swelling.

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair June 6th and had my 3 week follow up Monday. My plastic surgeon gave me the okay to do cardio. So this morning I did some slow walking for 35 minutes today & now I am very swollen this evening. Above my belly button & above my incision. Should I not workout again tomorrow? I was planning on walking at least 3 days a week just cuz I miss working out!

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Significant swelling after workout (3 weeks after tummy tuck)

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If you feel that your tummy is "very" swollen I suggest that you contact your own PS in order for these areas to be examined. Swelling alone can be managed with reduction in the offending activity and compression garments.However, if you think this swelling is very significant an examination is necessary to be certain an actual fluid collection (such as a seroma) is not present. In this early post operative period it is best that all advice comes from your own surgeon or his/her nurses.

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