Supra tip and infra tip swelling post rhinoplasty. Is this swelling normal for over projection? (photos)

It's been 1 month since my open surgery with hump work and tip work using ear cartilage. It's been swelling up more and more everyday it seems, is that normal?? I don't mind my frontal view, but my profile seems to be overprojected with a lot of swelling on my infratip and supratip. Is this gravity... does swelling affect the profile view?? I'm nervous that this is how it'll be. I've attached what it looks like now and a desired digitally altered photo, is that result far from reach or possible.

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Hello Rhinonguyen and thanks for your question. From the pictures provided, your nose looks great for 1 month post-op! Of course you will experience a lot of swelling, so give it time. The swelling should subside around six months to a year. If you are still concerned, I suggest following up with your sugeon. I wish you the best of luck!

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This all looks like swelling and I am sure that in the passage of time you will come very close to the simulated digital result - 12-18 months depending on how thick your skin is . It looks good now and will get even better

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