Snoopy Deformity? Revision needed? (Photos)

I am 5'10, 160lbs. 550ccs Naturalle. I am 7 days post-op, and am not liking what I am seeing. I am concerned that I have a snoopy deformity/waterfall nipple. I was told that my nipple was above my crease on both nipples at the time of my pre-op and that I did not need a lift. I am not sure if I am just impatient, but I am concerned. Am I right to be? Thoughts?

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Snoopy Deformity? Revision?

Great question! By looking solely at your pre-operative photos I would have suggested a breast lift (mastopexy) be performed at the time of your breast augmentation. A breast lift surgery aims in bringing your nipple/areola to a higher position on your new breasts.  Unfortunately,  you are now noticing that your nipple and areola are sitting too low on your breasts making your nipples look irregular. I would suggest following up with your board certified plastic surgeon to discuss options to correct this if you are still unhappy with your results. Good luck!

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