How small do I need to be to have TT/body lift/lipo?

I weigh 219, and am 5'8". I have lost 122 lbs so far. I had a high of 341 lb. At this point the more I lose the worse my stomach looks. I hope to be at 210 before surgery. I know recommended is under a 30 BMI, but I am tired of waiting and feel like I can't move or use my body the way I want with all this extra skin.

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How small do I need to be to have TT/body lift/lipo?

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Your current BMI is about 32. As a general rule I like to see patients below a BMI of 30 to get the best results. But the BMI number is just one consideration. For a recommendation specifically related to your body we would need a full set of photos front and both sides from the bottom of the breasts to the mid thighs. 

Healthy BMI

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If you can get your weight as low as possible the risks of healing from a tummy tuck will go down significantly. You would need to be down to a healthy weight and BMI before having a cosmetic procedure to insure a safe outcome. Also, being at a stable weight is key to ensure you don't gain weight back after surgery. Good luck! 

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