How severe is swelling 14 days after chin implant and fat around the chin/jaw?

I just passed 14 days after getting a rhinoplasty + chin implant. My PS used fat grafting to blend around the chin + a bit on the jaw. My chin, around the chin, + "middle jaw" look very wide/heavy despite 14 days passing. I asked my PS + he said the size is the shape of the implant with not much swelling left which scares me, it looks too full and heavy. Could there still be swelling or is this essentially the final look? I'm worried I won't like it if it doesn't "slim down" more. Thank you!

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How severe is swelling 14 days after chin implant with fat grafting?

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The amount of swelling that develops after placement of a chin implant and fat grafting around the chin/jaw can vary by patient, but I would expect that most people would still have significant swelling at 14 days after the procedure.  It normally takes at least several months for the swelling to subside and you will not be able to get a better idea of your true appearance until then.  

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