Severe headache post op.

7 days post op. i closed gaps in rectus, tt + 200cc lipo. complication is i fell really hard 1st night from dizziness cut my chin deep tho well taken care of but i have since a severe headache nothing helps. not neauseated or want to vomit just pure sharp headache which i never had before surgery. any ideas? also, some comments here say to minimize activities to reduce swelling but some say to take walks and not sit for too long....a bit confusing which to do?

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Headache During Post-Op Healing

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With #cosmeticsurgery such as #abdominoplasty, we have our patients start on vitamins and supplements two weeks before and two weeks after.  We prefer VitaMedica, as we know the content of these surgical support vitamins.  The program includes Arnica and Bromelain. 

Swelling can persist for several months and will gradually improve and will look better at three months, six months, and even one year. Frequently the pubic area and the scrotal and penis area for men can become very swollen and discolored during the first two weeks due to gravity as this is the lowest area for swelling to accumulate.

Now, if these are not issues and it is only the headache which is causing you problems it would be a good idea to visit your surgeon right away for a full examination for proper healing. Good luck.

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