three weeks after tt....i still have a big pocket of blood looks greenish through my skin. i woukd say slightly bigger than my fist. when i press it feels like a serious bruise. my surgeon says it will take a while...but how can i accelerate it?

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How do you know you have a big pocket of blood under your skin?

If you do, it should be aspirated.  If its just a bruise, it will go away and I recommend warm compresses to my patients.  If you have no feeling on your skin, be cautious so you don't inflict a burn when using the compresses.  As least your surgeon is aware of it but if truly a pocket of blood, most surgeons would aspirate it to have it resolve faster.

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Hello dear, thanks for your post. I recommend to keep telling to your doctor your concern, because can be an hematoma. Is better to prevent any complication. 

Good luck :)

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
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It sounds like that needs drained!

It sounds like you have a hematoma that may need drained or removed.  The green discoloration is likely the bruise that you are seeing under the skin.  If it truly is the size of your fist, it will take months to go away -- it's best to drain it now and be done with it.  Go back and talk to your surgeon again...

Robert S. Houser, DO
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Tummy Tuck Recovery

It's best to discuss this with your surgeon and ask all these questions and listen to the answers in detail. If you're still in doubt then seek further clarification. 

Justin Yovino, MD, FACS
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If there is an collection of fluid under the skin and it is discolored as you describe, then that would be a hematoma (collection of blood), rather than a seroma (collection of clear fluid). If it is some blood within the tissues then that would be ecchymosis or a bruise and will gradually resolve over time (weeks). If this is truly a hematoma then at minimum it should be aspirated. If there is a significant amount of blood under the skin it might warrant placing a drain to help remove or a trip back to the operating room to wash out the collected blood. If there is a significant amount of blood and it is not addressed, then it may evolve into a thickened scar and will compromise your result.

Did you have a so called "drainless tummy tuck? If a drain was used then it potentially could have drained a modest collection of fluid or blood. If there was no drain then additional procedures may be required to correct.

Braden C. Stridde, MD
Kirkland Plastic Surgeon
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Hematoma Evacuation

Thank you for your question. Your surgeon may need to have you back to the office so he/she can remove the blood of the hematoma. Usually, smaller hematomas are removed through direct evacuation or using a needle to aspirate (remove) the blood through an existing incision in the abdomen. In certain cases, the surgeon can decide to make another stab wound with a smaller blade to remove the small clot. Also, you have to make sure you wear your compression garment at all times. The compression garment or binder helps support your abdominal wall during healing, decreases post-operative swelling, and helps decrease any bruising that may occur. Hope this information was helpful best of luck on your search!

Michael K. Obeng, MD, FACS
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If it is a bruise as opposed to a hematoma, it just has to have time to clear. If it is a hematoma it needs to be aspirated to reduce risk of healing problems with soft tissue contraction and deformity. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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