What is the Selene Touch?

What is the Selene Touch and how does it compare to other vaginal rejuvination techniques?

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What is the Selene Touch?

Selene Touch is another Co2 Fractional Laser, machine like FemiLift, MonaLisa touch, which uses Co2 laser to improve vaginal health before or after menopause, or after each vaginal delivery. Also in breast cancer survivor who are suffering from vaginal dryness and are unable to use or do not want to use vaginal estrogen, treatment with the Co2 fractional laser is an excellent option. Advantage of FemiLift is that it dose have a cover probe which is individualized while the other one are using probe which need to be sterilized between each patients. 

Great Neck OB/GYN
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Selene Touch is a me-too copycat of FemiLift and MonaLisa CO2 lasers

It's just another knock-off of the FemiLift and MonaLisa fractional vaginal ablation lasers. There are no comparative studies between these products, but there is a larger experience with the FemiLift and MonaLisa in general.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
Jersey City OB/GYN
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