Could Restylane improve my eye appearance? Or should I look at orbital rim implants? (photos)

My eyes are uneven in terms of the eyelids dropping down and there are some wrinkles/folding skin. I was wondering if the injections could help or if I should look at getting orbital rim implants to fix up the area and provide a more positive tilt to my eyes. Could restylane help even things out and give a better appearance in the eye area? Is it safe to do the procedure BEFORE getting jaw surgery? Or should I wait and get my jaw surgery then orbitals?

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Could Restylane improve my eye appearance? Or should I look at orbital rim implants?

Radiofrequency treatments such as Viora® are the current gold standard treatment for non surgical tightening of the eyelids, and can be done up to 1 week before or 2-3 weeks after a facial surgery.

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Getting the drop on drooping with Botox, fillers and thermage

I try to lift the lateral eyebrow with botox and fillers.  Radiofrequency treatments with thermage work very well to also elevate the brow and pull the skin away from your eye.  I would avoid any brow lift surgery or even eyelid surgery as you likely don't have excessive skin but just drooping of the eyebrow due to ptosis and orbital fat pads that are small. These can be done before your surgery. Please see an expert for a formal evaluation.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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See oculoplastic specialist for eye shape

Restylane will not change the shape of the eyes. Canthoplasty and lower eyelid surgery can do that but it is not for everyone. Need personal consultation to determine if good candidate. See following link.

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