is it still possible to receive the O-Shot while menstruating?

Can someone get the O-Shot during their period?

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O yes to During menstrual cycle

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During the menstrual cycle as long as they are not heavy or especially sensitivity the O shot can be administered. It should be avoided if there is a vaginal or bladder infection.

O-shot during menstrual - no problem

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Thank you for your question.  You can have the O-shot at any time during your cycle.  I would only avoid situations if you are having active symptoms of a bladder injection or vaginal yeast infection.  Also if you experience increased sensitivity in the vaginal area during your cycle, you may want to consider waiting.

Orgasm Shot / O-Shot while menstruating?

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A patient may receive and O-shot while menstruating.  Some patients may see small amount of bleeding and discharge after the procedure. We recommend using a pad immediately after and overnight to prevent any concerns


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Of course! It should not have any effect on the O-shot if you are menstruating.  The shot will start working toward a healthier orgasm from day 1.  Good luck.

O Shot While Menstruating

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There is no contraindication to receiving your O Shot while on your menstrual cycle; however, some patients may experience increased sensitivity during that time. You would be able to resume all activity and insert a tampon immediately following the procedure. In my office we provide our patients with lidocaine to apply 30 minutes prior to the procedure- most report minimal discomfort.


O Shot and Menstruating

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Thanks for your question!  It is possible to get the o shot while menstruating (you could not wear a tampon during the procedure).  However, it does seem to be more painful for women during this time based on increased sensitivity.  Best of luck!

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