Rapid recovery, 24 hour, flash recovery breast augmentation in and around Seattle?

So far I have only been able to find two doctors online in the Seattle area that perform rapid recovery breast augmentation. I'm curious as to why more surgeons are not performing this procedure as what I've read seems like there are tons of benefits. Why isn't this less invasive procedure more popular?

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Rapid Recovery

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Rapid recovery was first published about in the year 2000, sixteen years ago, by Dr. John B. Tebbetts MD. At the time no one thought it was possible. Yet with his new techniques Dr. Tebbetts was able to prove a 95% success rate with his 24 hour recovery techniques. Very impressive. The thing is sixteen years later MANY doctors have indeed adopted the techniques used to achieve this fast recovery result. Techniques such as:
  • Comprehensive and detailed education material so the patient understands their part in making "rapid recovery" happen.
  • Full control for the surgeon - a reliable and trustworthy staff he can consistently expect to work with who go above and beyond what is routinely expected - and know they are paid  more to do so.
  • Removing indefinable terms such as cup size - using objective measurements that helps define the optimal amount of "fill" for each patient. 
  • Strict adherence to anesthesia methods that require skills refined enough to perform breast augmentation in 45 minutes or less. 
  • Following detailed surgical scripts that eliminate unproductive, time-wasting maneuvers and decision making in the operating room.
  • Detailed surgical processes and instrumentation to assure hemostasis.
  • Implementing surgical processes and instrumentation that greatly reduce trauma to tissue while also reducing pain and swelling due to said trauma. 
These techniques and more have been widespread adopted by surgeons across the country. Every surgeon you meet wants a quick and painless recovery for their patients. 

Yet surgery is still surgery and even with Rapid Recovery the suggested down time until strenuous activity is safe is still 6 weeks - the same for a "normal" breast augmentation. The real breakthrough in Dr. Tebbetts procedure sixteen years ago was his ability to perform with minimal blunt trauma and bleeding to the surrounding tissues, a technique most surgeons will practice and implement today. 

I believe the reason most surgeons choose not to advertise Rapid Recovery invented by Dr. Tebbetts is that every surgeon indeed has their personal preferences on how to go about any given procedure - and many do not follow Dr. Tebbetts surgical plan down to the letter, even though they have adopted his less intrusive techniques and instruments. 

Many variables factor into how speedy a recovery will be. Although I believe with proper communication with your plastic surgeon from the beginning any board certified plastic surgeon has the capabilities of giving their patient a "rapid recovery". 

PS. To find the best plastic surgeon in your area for you - read their patients thought out reviews of their experience with the doctor - and then consult will your top 2 or 3 to find the one you feel most comfortable with performing the procedure.

Best of luck!!!

Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

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The term, rapid recovery breast augmentation was coined by John Tebbetts M.D. of Dallas Texas. The basic precept that changed the methodology of the surgery was that no blunt tearing of tissues was done which caused more bleeding to end up in the pocket, delaying the healing. He would use a grasping forceps that could both divide tissue and coagulate bleeding at the same time. He likewise based the dimensions of the implant on what the patient starting breast width was, rather than some arbitrary number or desire of the patient. The decision of which implant to place is made before the procedure begins, and therefore multiple sizer's do not need to be placed and removed before the final implant is placed. This is more traumatic to the breast, in my opinion. Having practiced this method since watching him do this some 15 years ago,I can attest to the fact that there is definitely a difference between the methods used by me today than what I had learned in my residency in the late 1990s. Sometimes, this term is used as a marketing ploy because it sounds better than not having a rapid recovery. I would visit a few surgeons in your area and asked them about their technique. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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Rapid recovery, 24 hour breast augmentation.

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Hello, good surgical technique and care around the time of your surgery can certainly impact on the recovery process but I think that beyond the marketing, most surgeons will advise avoiding strenuous activity for 4-6 weeks after breast augmentation surgery.  I find that every person heals uniquely.  Some feel well only 24-48 hours after surgery but others are still stiff and sore for a week or longer, despite using the same surgical protocol.

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