How Does One Prepare for A Vaginal Rejuvination Consult?

Is there anything specific that one should bring with them to the consultation?

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Preparing for a Vaginal Rejuvenation consult

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There isn't anything I require for the consultation but it is helpful to think about the questions and concerns you have about your vagina and what you are seeking to change and have this written down as well as any questions you may have. During the consultation, you may get nervous and forget to ask things, so if you write it down and the doctor does not answer the question, you will be able to ask. Good luck and thank you for asking.

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Vaginal rejuvenation consultation

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I always recommend my patients bring a list of all of the questions they have thought about in regards to the procedure. A vaginal rejuvenation consultation (or any surgery consultation for that matter) can be overwhelming for some, so it is great to have your questions written down and prepared ahead of time so you do not forget to ask anything. At the end of the consultation with the board certified plastic surgeon, you should feel very comfortable about the procedure. Good luck!

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How to prepare for your vaginal rejuvenation consult?

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Prepare as you would for a routine gynecologic exam. An issue that is addressed at the time of the consultation is the desired diameter of the vaginal canal. I stock vaginal dilators of all sizes to help patients figure this out, but you can bring your own or something that replicates the desired size if you wish. If you have had gynecologic issues, bring your medical records.

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