Can pregnant women get the O-Shot?

Is it possible to get the O-Shot when pregnant?

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O-Shot during pregnancy

Thank you for your question.  In theory, you are providing you are using your own blood (and hence platelets) to reinject.  Thus it could be viewed as safe.  In practice, however, complications do happen with respect to pregnancies and deliveries so you may find it difficult to find providers who would consider this elective procedure during pregnancy for medico-legal reasons.

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It shouldn't matter.  Most people would refrain from doing so given the legal aspects involved.  For example if there is a problem with the baby, then potentially someone can claim the O-shot as the culprit. In my practice, I avoid doing it in pregnancy.

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O- shot during pregnancy

Yes pregnant women can get the O-shot as long as it is a healthy pregnancy and the mother has no infections. Your own blood products are being injected back into your body. Beware!!!....increased sexual activity may increase your risk for future pregnancy LOL.

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