Please Help! Can Fat Transfer Help with Dent on Hip on Wait? (photo)

I had lipo on my abs and waist 10 months ago. The 3rd weeks I noticed my left and right side waist is uneven. Had a revision 4 months ago, he took 195cc of fat from my hips. 4 months since my revision. The uneven of my waist is still there, now a huge dent on my right hip. The doc offered another revision. I’m afraid to let him do another revision. I found out weeks after my procedure, the doc license was suspended in 2009 due to death of a patient. Had any doctor done revision similar to this?

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Fat Transfer For Liposuction Irregularities

Thank you for your question.  Fat grafting can be helpful in fixing areas where too much fat was removed with liposuction.  It requires having enough fat to transfer and having skin that is elastic enough to show the contour change when the fat is placed. There is some unpredictability about how much of the fat stays longterm.   "Perfect" correction rarely occurs, but improvement is possible.

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Fat Injections for Hip Indentation after Liposuction

Fat injection is the correct approach for treating your hip indentation. It seems that after a revision you now have two problems as opposed one original problem. It never hurts to get another opinion if you are feeling uneasy. Second opinions either make you feel more comfortable with your present relationship or more uncomfortable. Either way they help you make a decision.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Hip dents

Your problem with the results of liposuction can be corrected with fat transfer. You and the plastic surgeon need to decide where to get the fat from.

Samir Shureih, MD
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Please Help! Can Fat Transfer Help with Dent on Hip or waist?

Yes, as long as you have some fat to harvest you can always have a revision. This area can be fat grafted. Choose a PS that is board certified.

Kurtis Martin, MD
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