Opinions on necessity of orthognathic surgery (Photo)

I'm 27 years old and recently went to speak with an orthodontist about fixing my overbite and, hopefully, my TMJ pain of 10+ years. He suggested traditional braces with forsus springs, but said they would be limited in their effectiveness because my lower jaw is positioned too far backward. I haven't scheduled a consultation with a surgeon yet, but I was just wondering if anyone could either confirm what I've been told so far or offer another suggestion.

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Jaw surgery and orthodontics

You do have a 'smaller' lower jaw which is the cause of the 'overjet/overbite'. The upper front teeth 'tilt backwards' towards the lower front teeth; so it may not look too bad to you. But once the orthodontist puts the upper teeth in the proper position for their health and smile; the overjet/overbite will change. The best way to fix that is to treat the problem - the smaller lower jaw; so a lower jaw advancement is necessary for the best long term result

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