O-Shot: Are multiple shots required?

Are multiple shots necessary for best results?

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Effectiveness of O- Shot

I tell my patients who are considering the O- shot for sexual reasons or bladder leaking that they can anticipate the following results:  60-70% improve after the first O- shot.  85-90% improve after the 2nd O-shot.  Unfortunately, there are some  women that do not respond.  I do feel that our practice seems to have good results.  I hypothesize that this may be due to the fact that we have a large amount of our patients who are optimizing their hormones.  Hormones are the "base" to help with sexual problems and the O shot helps with orgasm issues, vaginal dryness and painful sex.  In addition, in our practice we do our best to try to determine those patients who the O shot may not be effective: those women taking antidepressants and tobacco users.

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Single O-shot

The O- shot is a non surgical office procedure and takes only 5 minutes to perform with mild discomfort. Actually office time is about 30 minutes to draw and prepare your blood. The Platelet rich plasma is concentrated in a special technique to also contain growth factors. Usually patients Feel a enhanced orgasmic function for 6-12 months with the single shot.

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