How could he have made my nose so much bigger?

I had a revision rhinoplasty five months ago to correct a deviated septum. My nose looked huge immediately after and the "swelling" hasn't gone down. My nose looks twice as large now, it was small before. He didn't use any grafts. How is this possible? Should I attempt a revision or too risky? Thanks

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Still swollen at five months after Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty carries with it a normal amount of swelling that can last up to a year to 18 months or even more depending on what is done in the operation.  I would go back to your surgeon and discuss with them.  Swelling is one thing, but the look not fitting your face is a whole other.  It should get smaller with time, but the shape may not change a whole lot.

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Time is critical

Time is critical in order to draw any conclusions at this point. Wait at least 18 months for swelling to resolve. Be sure and obtain pre-operative photos as well as operative reports from the treating doctor in case you need another revision and you desire to go elsewhere. Be very careful as revision surgery is 5 times more complicated and should only be performed by an expert.

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