NeoGraft results: What do I need to upkeep my awesome results?

Can you please provide me with aftercare tips to ensure I get good results and lasting results?

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What to do to upkeep FUE Procedure Results

Once you start achieving results from your FUE procedure, I recommend patients to use Rogaine topically, possibly use propecia, not smoke, and try not to use strong chemicals such as bleaches and dyes on the hair if possible. A laser cap or any low level laser therapy is also a great product to look into.

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Possible NeoGraft Supplements

NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction is designed to be permanent. After the healthy hair follicle has been implanted into the balding area (donor site), the grafted hair will stay in place for two to three weeks before shedding. Once the shedding is complete, the new growth process begins. Once the new growth begins, your hair will continue to grow normally and, most importantly, the results will look healthy and natural. Always consult a board certified hair specialist physician for the finest results.

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Great Question and also something that we make sure to always cover with our patients after the procedure is complete and at all follow-ups. We recommend using Finasteride (Unless you start to feel some of the possible negative results, in which case you would just stop using it.) We also recommend that you use Rogaine (They have a really great shampoo product that is available over the counter now) Followed by a healthy lifestyle and proper hair care, you should have good and lasting results.

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NeoGraft aftercare

Thank you for your question.  There are many ways to ensure your grafts stay healthy and your hair stays looking it's best.
We highly recommend PRP treatments 6-8 weeks post op. We recommend about 4-6 treatments a year. We also use Neografts special line of all natural hair care products to ensure the best outcome for hair growth.  A laser cap is a great addition to thicken your hair and nurish the follicles with great blood flow. 
A healthy diet also plays a very important role in the health of your hair.
Good luck in your recovery and we hope you get great results!

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Use PRP (platelet rich plasma) Therapy to optimize NeoGraft Results

NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction is meant to be a permanent solution to hair loss. After the procedure is completed, I recommend utilizing PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy to optimize outcomes. PRP is done by extracting your own blood, preparing it and reintroducing it back to the hair graft area. The plasma receptors trick the body into thinking there is an injury, bringing the body’s own healing mechanisms to the graft site. This allows the body to heal much faster than it would without the PRP. PRP is also shown to promote hair growth through cell replication. The proteins promote cell metabolism and enhanced growth of blood vessels to the area. These factors help the transplanted and surrounding follicles to regenerate and produce new hair growth. When PRP is combined with new transplants, it provides the best combination to ensure quality growth and healing.

Another recommendation is to always follow a healthy and well-balance lifestyle with a diet rich in nutrients, engaging in exercise and getting appropriate sleep. In addition, it is important to avoid smoking. If your hair loss is progressive, beginning a medical regimen to slow hair loss is recommended.

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Neograft is just another tool or instrument available to the doctor for performing FUE surgery.
Post operative care instructions are slightly different for all doctors so follow your doctor's recommendations

With respect to lasting results:

If the results are great, then it will last.  
A good hair transplant results are forever.   It's can last longer than marriage or love.
But bad hair transplant results are like herpies.  It's for life.

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There are a few things you can do to help with the upkeep!

There are natural growth factor products that you can use to improve the quality of your grafts and help with the growth of your existing hair.

Post op treatment

 If you hair loss is genetic, it may be progressive.  under the supervision of a hair loss specialist, you can start on a medical regiment to slow down your hair loss such as minoxidil, propecia, PRP, laser, vitamins and shampoos. You need to stay on the regiment to reduce or see any result. If however, your hair loss continues even with the medical regiment, you may want to consider another hair transplant in the future.

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Maintaining your hair transplant results

In addition to having a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients and antioxidants, avoiding smoking, and getting plenty of sleep and exercise I discuss oral and topical hair supplements with my hair transplant patients.  Some men with a strong genetic predisposition for male-pattern hair loss do best if they stay on Propecia and apply Rogaine topically.  There are some nutrient-rich shampoos and vitamins that can be incorporated into a daily or weekly routine.  I look for ingredients like Biotin.

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Neograft/Hair Transplant Post Operative Care

Post operative care and instructions are an important part of the transplant process for both follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. Keep in mind that Neograft is a device that assists a physician in the FUE procedure but Neograft is not a procedure. In our clinic the post operative care involves instructions for care of both the donor and recipient area to facilitate healing and reduce the risk of infection. Instructions to minimize swelling are also given so our patients can resume their daily activities as soon as practical and look as normal as possible. Keep in mind with FUE or Neograft that that hair in the donor area is shaved and evidence of surgery can be difficult to mask. As always, seek the advice of your hair transplant surgeon for detailed personal post operative care. Now if your question relates to ongoing success after the immediate post operative period the best and most prudent advice is to eat a healthy diet free of preservatives and enjoy moderate exercise. Avoid smoking as smoking is associated with hair loss. In addition some supplements like creatine are also implicated in hair loss so avoid any supplements that contain creatine. 

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