Interested to know more about the new PicoWay Picosecond Laser?

The FDA just announced the approval of the PicoWay Laser, how much more effective will this laser be for tattoo removal — specifically for hard to remove colors such as red, pink, orange, yellow and green?

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Confident with Picoway

The picoway is a picosecond pulse duration versus a nanosecond pulse duration. The faster pulse duration theoretically breaks up the ink into smaller molecules. I have used the traditional tattoo laser for years and without a doubt I have had much more success resolving tattoos quicker, but also completely where there is no shadow or residual pigmentation. My experience is that it takes ½ the treatments which means ½ the time to resolution. I can feel confident I can resolve most if not all tattoos quicker.

San Antonio Dermatologist


Picoway is great at removing all colors of ink in tattoos.  Three wavelengths that it treats.  The 532 wavelength is great for reds and oranges the 700's wavelength is great for blues and greens and the 1064 is great for dark colors.  When a tattoo has multiple colors and inks in it often we need more than one wavelength over a few sessions to rid the various inks.  The pico technology is much faster and literally shatters the ink in the tattoos.  This helps the tattoos clear faster and better than older nano technology.  It is less painful than the older lasers and there is less scarring and pigmentation issues post laser therapy.  Hope this helps.  

Susan Fox, DO
Hollywood Phlebologist
5.0 out of 5 stars 5 reviews

PicoWay Removes Most Tattoo Colors

The PicoWay Laser uses lasers with multiple wavelengths to fragment a variety of pigments so that they can be removed from the skin. It works very well on red, orange and yellow inks. It is not particularly effective on green, however, so you may require treatment with more than one type of laser. Please see a board-certified dermatologist to have your tattoo evaluated.

Kory Kitagawa, MD
Honolulu Dermatologist
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PicoWay, PicoSure and EnLighten Tattoo Laser Systems

Both PicoWay and PicoSure are picosecond lasers that use very short bursts of laser energy to shatter tattoo ink into the smallest particles that enable quicker removal by your skin.

PicoWay is best for red ink, orange and yellow inks.

PicoSure is best for blue and green inks.

PicoWay has not been shown to have much effect with green ink.

I like the Q switched lasers myself as the above are expensive and may only benefit those with the above colored inks.

For traditional black ink tattoos nanosecond lasers may be just as good. 

Hratch Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Buffalo Phlebologist
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PicoWay can treat all tattoo colors expect green

The PicoWay utilizes the new picosecond technology with multiple wavelengths (532nm and 1064nm) that treats a range of colors including red, orange, and yellow. The only color that that the PicoWay has difficulty with is green. - Dr. Keaney

Terrence Keaney, MD
Washington DC Dermatologic Surgeon
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