Can the MonaLisa Touch treatment be covered under insurance?

Is is possible to have this treatment covered by insurance?

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Insurance Coverage

Vaginal Rejuvenation is not covered by traditional insurance.  You can check with your HR department to see if your company offers  flexible health spending and if so if feminine rejuvenation is covered.  Is is unlikely but worth a try since each plan may have different criteria. 

Mona Lisa Touch

Unfortunately the Mona Lisa Touch is not covered insurance. But the cost for the treatment is very reasonable especially if you used Care Credit, which can be 0% for 6-12 months. See if Care Credit is an option for you!

No Insurance Coverage

The MonaLisa Touch Procedure is not covered by insurance.  It is considered an elective, aesthetic procedure at this time.  There are no billing codes available to submit to the insurance for coverage.  Many patients who have insurance have tried treatments that are covered by insurance, but are still without relief.  There are various different financial assistance programs, like Care Credit, Enhance Patient Financing, etc. that are available that can help you with the cost of the procedure.  If you speak with someone in the provider's office, they can give you more information on what options exist and what's available in their office. 

Is the MonaLisa Touch covered by health insurance?

We have had a few patients successfully use their flex accounts for this service.  It is not covered by either Medicare or commercial insurance

No Insurance Coverage for Elective Procedures

Since MonaLisa Touch is an elective procedure, insurance companies currently do not cover it. In many cases, patients have the ability to utilize services such as CareCredit and SurgeryLoans to cover the costs of procedures.  Typically payment options are fairly flexible.

MonaLisa Touch not covered by insurance

MonaLisa Touch is not considered a covered benefit under insurance programs. That said, we offer patients financing options through Care Credit including 6 months no interest to help alleviate some of the up front cost.

Consider seeing if this is an option with your provider or if they offer any financing at all.


Mona Lisa and FemiLift are not covered by insurance

Laser vaginal resurfacing for any indication (atrophy, laxity, incontinence) is considered experimental and lacking sufficient data to be covered by medical insurance anywhere.

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