MonaLisa Touch: Are There Any Risks Involved?

Is there any risk involved in this procedure?

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Virtually no risks with this laser

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That is one of the great things about this laser, is that there are virtually no risks when done in appropriate patients.   In all the patients I have treated, I have had one who had some discomfort afterwards, and one with mild bloody discharge.  Both resolved.   This correlates with the studies that have been done as well.   

Houston Urogynecologist

MonaLisa Touch Risks

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The best part about MonaLisa Touch is there are virtually no risks! The treatment is performed as an in-office treatment with no anesthesia. Mild discomfort, slight redness or swelling or itching can be temporary side effects but should disappear within 1-2 days.


Mona Lisa Risks

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The world experience with Mona Lisa treatments has shown few if any significant complications. Insertion of the internal probe is occasionally uncomfortable with severe atrophy. The internal treatments have been otherwise virtually painless. I use topical anesthesia externally as this area is more sensitive. It is a well tolerated treatment.  Best Wishes, Maurice Vick MD. 

Seldom Problems

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While no procedure is completely without risk, MonaLisa Touch has few risks and typically none with much significance.  A slight vaginal discharge for a day or so can occur in some patients.   If one has intercourse within 48 hours of the procedure they might have a slightly pink discharge as well.  Discomfort wth insertion of the probe at the initial treatment for severe atrophy is not uncommon. 

Steven Speights, MD
Jackson Urogynecologist

Risks to the Mona Lisa

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The Mona Lisa Touch, being a local treatment to the vagina, is essentially risk free.  Most women experience some vibration during the treatment, but very easily tolerated.  Some women may experience the sensation of heat following the treatment, and rarely is there a small amount of bleeding a few days after.  There are no other risks involved.

The risks of Mona Lisa Touch Laser Therapy

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Although no treatment is risk free,  Mona Lisa Touch Laser Therapy is as risk free as any procedure that we do in the office. Immediately after the treatment, some women may experience irritation and burning of the vaginal canal and opening. Spotting may result, which usually only lasts for 24 hours. Because the laser only affects the tissue at the surface, scar tissue does not form. There is no risk for vaginal narrowing or scarring. 

Minimal risks

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I generally tell all of my patients that there are risks and benefits to all medical treatments and procedures. But, the MonaLisa Touch benefits far outweigh the risks in our experience.  There really are no long-term risks.  All lasers have the potential to burn the skin, but the convervative settings used with the MonaLisa Touch limit this risk.  Patients can get an ulceration on the genital skin.  This may happen after having intercourse or exposing the area to friction while still in the process of healing and is easily treated with a short course of topical steroids.  After the treatment, the external skin may have the sensation of a mild sunburn.  Avoiding heat and vigorous exercise, as well as applying cool compresses assist with the discomfort.  Some patients will experience a slight discharge.  These symptoms resolve within 2-5 days. I hope this helps in your decision to proceed with the MonaLisa Touch treatment.   

Amy Klein, DO
Gainesville OB-GYN
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The MonaLisa Touch: Low Risk and Life-Changing!

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The MonaLisa Touch procedure has been described by some of our patients as “life-changing” and is associated with minimal risks.  All patients are evaluated and are screened before treatment to establish their diagnosis, customize their treatment regimen, and to evaluate their suitability for the procedure.  Because the procedure stimulates the body’s own natural healing response, it lacks the risks and side effects associated with traditional medical therapy.  There may by mild tenderness at the entry of the vagina in patients with vaginal atrophy.  The laser itself is painless and may feel like a slight vibration.  Some patients describe minor temporary inflammatory symptoms after their procedure (redness, swelling, itching) and occasionally discharge.  We offer TaC Vaginal Restorative GF Complex serum to help soothe vaginal irritation and to hydrate the vaginal mucosal lining after treatment. 


Very minimal risk!

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One of the best things about the Mona Lisa Touch laser is that there are very few risks to the treatment.  If your doctor screens you properly and makes sure that you are a good candidate there should really be no risk, and the published literature supports this.  This is because the laser penetration into the vaginal tissues is very small (basically as deep as the tip of a ball point pen), so it does not reach deeper structures and cause harm.

Mona Lisa Touch is especially helpful for women who are not good candidates for vaginal hormones, either because they have not had a good experience with them, or they have a medical condition that makes them a poor candidate (some breast cancers and other cancers, people with clotting risks). There is no reason that these patients can not use the Mona Lisa Touch.

Occasionally there can be some temporary irritation immediately after the procedure, especially if the introits, or entry, to the vagina is tight, but this should improve over time with repeat treatments.

MonaLisa Risks

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The MonaLisa is a short 5 minute procedure with minimal discomfort. It is important to ensure there are no vaginal infections or abnormal growth in the vaginal canal/ cervix prior to any treatment. Patients may experience a few days of vaginal spotting and external itching. It is best to use an ice pack intermittently for the first day if there is any discomfort. ThermiVa has no associated pain or need for ansethesia, however it takes 40 minutes. The patients help decide which option they prefer depending on there symptoms and anatomy.

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