MonaLisa Touch: What Is The Recovery Like?

Is it required to book any time off work? What should one expect after the procedure?

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Recovery after Mona Lisa Touch

The Mona Lisa Touch treatment is 5 minutes, relatively painless, and requires no preparation and no recovery time.  Most patients leave the office feeling well and return to their regular life once leaving the office.  Patients are asked to refrain from intercourse for 2 days following their treatment, and avoid rigorous exercise for 2 days also.  Occassionally women may spot for a few days after their treatment, but most are just fine.

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What to expect after your treatment with the Mona Lisa Touch Laser

Mona Lisa Touch Laser Therapy is performed in the office with local lidocaine cream only. It takes 30 minutes for the cream to soak in and 5 minutes to perform the treatment, which includes delivery of therapy inside and outside of the vaginal canal. Immediately afterwards, it can burn and feel irritated. Some women get relief with ibuprofen. Many women don't need anything. Ice for 10 minutes can help in the most symptomatic women. Within an hour, the burning subsides. Vaseline or Aquafore can be applied to protect the tissue for 24 hours. Occasionally, a woman will experience spotting for few hours after the procedure. All of the post treatment symptoms resolve within a few hours to a day of the treatment. 

Elizabeth Kavaler, MD
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What is the recovery like after MonaLisa Touch (MLT)

Most women would say, "What recovery?". 

Actually, after the vaginal treatments, there is almost no awareness that anything was done. If the treatment area is extended to the outside surfaces around the vaginal opening, there is usually a mild burning sensation that may last 48 hours.

Charles R. Hanes, MD
Mobile Urogynecologist

Recovery from a MLT procedure

MLT offers a two part treatment consisting of a vaginal treatment as well as a external treatment.  Most patients are doing only the vaginal portion of the treatment for symptoms of vaginal dryness and pain with intercourse.  The recovery with this part of the treatment is very straightforward and most patients experience no symptoms except for possible light pinkish discharge and a bit of discomfort around the vaginal opening from the laser probe insertion. 
The external treatment to the area around the vaginal opening and the vulvar tissues is done for a variety of reasons but most commonly if a woman is experiencing significant atrophy/ thinning of this area leading to symptoms such as itching, irritation and pain with intercourse as well.  Treatment of this area requires a different laser attachment and the recovery is longer. A topical anesthetic cream is generally applied before doing the external treatment.   After the treatment  patients  may experience a sunburn type of sensation, some swelling, and itching as the tissues heal. This can last for the first few days and should improve steadily.   Application of cold compresses, an emollient type of ointment and oral benadryl are helpful. Sexual activity may resume after a week. It is important to remember that especially with the external treatment everyone heals differently and some may have minimal discomfort while others experience more discomfort.

Liana Lucaric, MD
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MonaLisa Touch Recovery

There's no downtime with MonaLisa Touch Treatments. Since there's no anesthesia involved, you don't need to anticipate taking any time off of work. Your consultation and treatment can likely be booked during the same visit and will take about 20 minutes total. The procedure itself takes only seconds! 

After the procedure, some patients experience mild discomfort or itching but this should resolve itself within 1-2 days. Expect to refrain from intercourse for 48 hours post treatment. You can certainly drive yourself to and from your appointments and book them over lunch on your busiest of days.

No down time

The Mona Lisa Touch requires no downtime. You could even get a treatment over lunch and return to work, since it is a painless, anesthesia-free procedure. The only restriction is to refrain from intercourse for 48 hours. Feel confident that if vaginal dryness is a symptom you suffer because of menopause or breast cancer treatment, the Mona Lisa Touch is simple treatment that could be penciled into your busy day. Warm Regards, Jennifer Murphy, MD

L. Jennifer Murphy, MD
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MonaLisa Touch - You Can Have It Done Over Your Lunch Break

You should not have to book any time off of work. In fact, this procedure is so quick that you could actually have it done over your lunch break. Patients can resume normal activity immediately after procedure, however they should refrain from sexual activity for 2-3 days. The procedure is virtually painless and requires no anesthesia. Some patients may experience mild discomfort as the probe gets closer to the vaginal orifice, but it is not painful. Most patients experience an improvement in vaginal lubrication even after the first treatment, however the procedure usually requires 3 treatments over a 12-week period for optimal results. An annual maintenance treatment is also recommended. I hope this helps.

Shelena Lalji, MD
Sugar Land OB/GYN
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Minimal recovery time after MonaLisa Touch treatments

Patients experience a flutter or vibration feeling during the 5 minute MonaLisa Touch procedure.  If I treat the inner labia or external areas then patients may feel a pinch similar to the discomfort with laser hair removal. They may experience some increased irritation for a few hours or even a day similar to the discomfort they have been experiencing with intercourse.  Often, even after the first treatment on a lower energy setting, patients find relief from their vaginal dryness symptoms.

Patients are asked to avoid intercourse for 48 hours after the procedure but there are no other restrictions and they can drive themselves back and forth for the procedure.

Karny Jacoby, MD
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MonaLisa Touch has no down time / recovery time and no time off of work

The MonaLisa Touch is a simple, fast in-office procedure. There is no pain associated with the treatment. Some patients may experience mild discomfort on their first treatment when the device is placed into the vagina due to the patients' atrophy and dryness.

The treatment takes only a few minutes and is usually described as mild vibrations.

After the treatment, patients may return to their normal daily activity and return to work without any problems.

We do require that our patients refrain from strenuous exercise and sexual activity (nothing in or around the vagina) for 48 hours.

Many patients have reported that their first urination after the initial procedure "feels different". It is not a painful sensation, just that they notice the sensation.

Most of our patients are reporting improvement within 2 weeks (some in under a week).

Every one of our patients have been extremely satisfied!

Sara J. Bernstein, MD
Wellington OB/GYN
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Down time

MonaLisa touch is simple and safe 
it requires just 3 treatments of less then 5 minutes each
and it is done in the office requires no anesthesia no side affects and no down time 
Just to be precocious we suggest our patients not to have intercourse for the following 2 days of the treatment. 
Patients  may start feeling the difference in 6-8 weeks even after the first treatment.
Thank you 
Dr Kafali

Sue Onispir-Kafali, MD
Chicago OB/GYN
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