MonaLisa Touch: What Is The Recovery Like?

Is it required to book any time off work? What should one expect after the procedure?

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Mona Lisa Touch recovery

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The great thing about this procedure is there is absolutely no down time! Once you leave our office, you can go about your business comfortably. I have had patients tell me they left my office and went grocery shopping immediately afterwards. One might feel a bit of discomfort, which varies from person to person. Normally there should be no bleeding or discharge. You simply want to keep the area clean with a mild cleanser and moisturize, if needed.  

What is the recovery for the Mona Lisa Touch

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There is a two day minimum down time following the Mona Lisa procedure where you cannot have sexual intercourse or insert anything, including a tampon, into the vagina. There may be some mild discomfort and vaginal spotting after the procedure as well. It is generally very well tolerated and patients do extremely well following the Mona Lisa procedure.


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Good news! There is no down time from the MonaLisa Touch treatments and you can resume normal activity. For patients who have both internal and external treatments,  it is recommended that you use an ice or cold pack on the vulvar area (external vagina area/labia) off and on and to coat the treated area with Vasoline or Aquaphore until there is no sensitivity felt, you are to refrain from intercourse for 7 days, and no bath or shower for 24 hrs. Pt's are also encouraged not to exercise immediately after or the next couple days if the exercise involves cycling/spinning, or wearing tight garments that may irritate the treated vulvar area. This is a loose recommendation, however, and can be individualized. Most patients tell me that the external discomfort did not last longer than a few hours and that the ice an Aquaphore helped tremendously. If all you have done is the internal treatment, then the only restriction is no intercourse for 2-3 days.

No missed days of work

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Fortunately, whether you receive only internal therapy or both internal and external therapy, recovery time is roughly the same. That is, provided the treated areas are kept properly cared for as recommended by your physician. 

Very few occupations require days off from work. Possibly an occupation such as a scuba instructor would keep you out of the water for a few days. Even if your occupation requires heavy manual labor, time off from work is very rarely required. In fact, I have not had a patient ever require time off from work. If you have a physically strenuous occupation, your physician should be able to provide a generic nonspecific medical excuse for you to provide your employer for 2 - 4 days of light duty. Fortunately, the vast majority of employers will honor it and do so absent further questions.

When going to work, simply take reasonable precautions such as, taking with you some pads for possible spotting, an analgesic for some possible mild cramping. If your introits was highly constricted or you were highly dry or have thin tissue and some (unlikely) tearing of tissue occurred, add a little tube antibiotic ointment to the list for application to the affected area. 

If you received external therapy, you should be able to work the same day on a light physical duty basis as well. Just keep the externally treated area moist and cared for as instructed by you physician until adequate healing occurs. 

Even if you receive combination therapies designed to achieve optimized effect as I regularly perform, such as combining with the O-Shot, ablative and non ablative fractional laser or radio frequency (RF) for optimum results and treatment of other indications, your healing time is generally relatively similar. Therefore, there are generally no additional work restrictions than those already mentioned.     

Everyone heals differently. Beyond the work restriction, vigorous activities such as intense workouts and intercourse should be avoided for up to 7 days. If you’re a slower healer, you may want to add a few days. Though this procedure has a proven very safe track record, no procedure can claim there has been or will be no adverse side effect. Be prepared for the rare event. Therefore, always obtain the after hours contact information of your physician. Being able to pick up a prescription at 11 pm can save you from a lost day at work and an unscheduled visit to your physician.    

This really is a very easy and safe treatment to both provide and receive. Being the very first in the nation to receive the MonaLisa Touch device after clinical trials were completed, I have never regretted acquiring the device. Of the many devices I have, the MonaLisa Touch device generally delivers the most consistent and high efficacy results overall. It does so while being able to deliver not only aesthetically pleasing results, but more importantly, provides true medical benefit. Especially when utilized in a combination therapy.   

Arbella Sarkis, MD
Los Gatos Physician
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Recover from MonaLisa Touch treatment

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The recovery time  from MonaLisa Touch therapy is minimal.  We see patients first thing in the morning or in the middle of their work day.  The procedure itself only takes 5 to 10 minutes.  There is prep time ahead so we inform patients to plan a 30 to 45 minute visit with us.  Depending on how significant the symptoms are for a women, she may have a little discomfort for a couple of days but nothing that would really limit her from doing her normal daily activities.  We do provide Aquafore and an ice pack if any discomfort would develop.

We provide an internal and external treatment for most symptoms.  With this treatment we do recommend that women refrain from intercourse for a period of 7 days and vigorous exercising for 5 to 7 days .  That is really the only significant restriction that we recommend. 

Glenda Lee, MD
Milwaukee OB-GYN
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Recovery after Mona Lisa Touch

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The Mona Lisa Touch treatment is 5 minutes, relatively painless, and requires no preparation and no recovery time.  Most patients leave the office feeling well and return to their regular life once leaving the office.  Patients are asked to refrain from intercourse for 2 days following their treatment, and avoid rigorous exercise for 2 days also.  Occassionally women may spot for a few days after their treatment, but most are just fine.

What is the recovery like after MonaLisa Touch (MLT)

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Most women would say, "What recovery?". 

Actually, after the vaginal treatments, there is almost no awareness that anything was done. If the treatment area is extended to the outside surfaces around the vaginal opening, there is usually a mild burning sensation that may last 48 hours.

Recovery from a MLT procedure

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MLT offers a two part treatment consisting of a vaginal treatment as well as a external treatment.  Most patients are doing only the vaginal portion of the treatment for symptoms of vaginal dryness and pain with intercourse.  The recovery with this part of the treatment is very straightforward and most patients experience no symptoms except for possible light pinkish discharge and a bit of discomfort around the vaginal opening from the laser probe insertion. 
The external treatment to the area around the vaginal opening and the vulvar tissues is done for a variety of reasons but most commonly if a woman is experiencing significant atrophy/ thinning of this area leading to symptoms such as itching, irritation and pain with intercourse as well.  Treatment of this area requires a different laser attachment and the recovery is longer. A topical anesthetic cream is generally applied before doing the external treatment.   After the treatment  patients  may experience a sunburn type of sensation, some swelling, and itching as the tissues heal. This can last for the first few days and should improve steadily.   Application of cold compresses, an emollient type of ointment and oral benadryl are helpful. Sexual activity may resume after a week. It is important to remember that especially with the external treatment everyone heals differently and some may have minimal discomfort while others experience more discomfort.

Liana Lucaric, MD
Naperville OB/GYN

MonaLisa Touch Recovery

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There's no downtime with MonaLisa Touch Treatments. Since there's no anesthesia involved, you don't need to anticipate taking any time off of work. Your consultation and treatment can likely be booked during the same visit and will take about 20 minutes total. The procedure itself takes only seconds! 

After the procedure, some patients experience mild discomfort or itching but this should resolve itself within 1-2 days. Expect to refrain from intercourse for 48 hours post treatment. You can certainly drive yourself to and from your appointments and book them over lunch on your busiest of days.

No down time

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The Mona Lisa Touch requires no downtime. You could even get a treatment over lunch and return to work, since it is a painless, anesthesia-free procedure. The only restriction is to refrain from intercourse for 48 hours. Feel confident that if vaginal dryness is a symptom you suffer because of menopause or breast cancer treatment, the Mona Lisa Touch is simple treatment that could be penciled into your busy day. Warm Regards, Jennifer Murphy, MD

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