What is a Mastectomy Massage?

Can you please explain what exactly a Mastectomy Massage is and what the benefits are.

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Mastectomy Massage

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I think you are referring to massaging your scar following a mastectomy.  This is usually advised to help your recovery from your surgery.  Massage will help soften the skin and scar, reduce swelling, aid nerve recovery and help you come to terms with your new body.  I usually advise using a glycerin based moisturiser such as sorbolene which will lubricate your skin and rub with firm pressure using your fingertips in a circular motion over your chest.

I suggest that you should contact your surgeon before you start just to ensure that your are ready to start massaging.

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Mastectomy Recovery

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Thank you for the good question. The recovery after a breast reconstructive is discussed at consultation and is an important part of a good result. Shaping and scar control are achieved by using a supportive bra and the scar should be addressed by using a silicone based scar cream.

Frank J. Ferraro, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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