Light jogging (4.5 mph) with nose taped 2 weeks after rhinoplasty okay?

Hi, I am a 23 year old guy who had rhinoplasty a few days ago. I have been taking folic acid and sublingual vitamin B-12 and my bruising/swelling has dramatically decreased. I am feeling really anxious- being a fairly active guy and all of a sudden I am forbidden from any intense exercise for at least 4 weeks post op. Is it safe/wise to do light jogging 4 miles at 4.5 mph) with my nose taped to prevent swelling?

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Post op exercising

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I typically request my patients avoid strenuous activity for at least 3 weeks after this surgery.  I recommend you follow your surgeons recommendations as returning to exercise too soon can increase risk of complications.  

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Light jogging after rhinoplasty ill advised

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I can sympathize with your situation, but you have risks of bleeding and increased swelling and bruising still. Consider other forms of stress relief such as meditation, reading, etc. Consult with your surgeon as well.

Harrison C. Putman III, MD
Peoria Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Recovering from rhinoplasty: activity and exercise restrictions

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Recovering from rhinoplasty is a healing process. Part of that process is holding back on strenuous exercise and heavy lifting. I am on the conservative side and I ask my patients for 6 weeks of no heavy lifting (>10 lbs) and no intense cardio. They can walk as much as they want. 

Your rhinoplasty surgeon will provide the best instructions for you. Some of the precautions may seem overboard, but it's worth a safe and happy results. Safety comes first. 

Victor Chung, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Exercise after surgery

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This is a question you really need to ask your surgeon. When you chose your surgeon you chose to follow his/her instructions in order to get the result you both discussed. 

Light jogging (4.5 mph) with nose taped 2 weeks after rhinoplasty okay?

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 The risk even with light jogging is that your heart rate will get high, raising your blood pressure, which can in turn cause bleeding.  I would avoid doing any exercise until your doctor clears you.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Jogging after rhinoplasty

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I would not recommend jogging at this point. The nose will swell and create extra edema which can translate into the production of scar tissue .

Andres Bustillo, MD, FACS
Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Activity after Rhinoplasty

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In general, anything that makes you "hot and sweaty" should be off-limits for up to 4 weeks after a rhinoplasty.  The increase in heart rate and/or blood pressure with certain activity can encourage new swelling and bruising to return to the area around your nose.  While this won't necessarily hurt your end result, it can prolong your recovery time and discomfort.

If you are getting anxious or stir-crazy and need to do some activity out of the house, a good brisk walk is generally just fine to do.  Again, as long as you don't get "hot and sweaty" you are keeping your activity to appropriate levels.  

I also agree with all of the other answers: you truly should ask your surgeon before trying any new activities.  He/she will be able to give you the best judgement as to when light jogging is OK after your surgery.

Best of luck!

Kyle T. Yamamoto, MD
Reno Facial Plastic Surgeon

Exercise after rhionoplasty

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Hello and thank you for your question. Any kind of exercise after a rhinoplasty is typically not recommended until about 6 weeks after surgery. Two weeks after having surgery is still very early and you could cause yourself some major swelling and healing issues if you do too much too soon. However, it is always best to be on the same page with your surgeon so speaking with them would be best before you begin any kind of activity. Best of luck with the rest of your healing. 

John W. Tyrone, MD
Gainesville Plastic Surgeon

Ask your surgeon

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I too would ask your surgeon if it's ok. The risk even with light jogging is that your heart rate will get high, raising your blood pressure, which can in turn cause bleeding. It's always best to ask your surgeon before doing anything. I'm an active guy as well, so I feel your pain. Best of luck

~Dr. Sieber

David A. Sieber, MD
San Francisco General Surgeon
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Exercise after rhinoplasty

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Thanks for your question. You should definitely check with your surgeon to see what they would like you to do. I restrict my patients from anything beyond walking while they have the cast and tape on. The issue is that if you start to sweat, the tape will come off and the cast with it. 

Once I take all that off, I generally say that people can gradually go back to their usual routine, but keep in mind that your swelling may get dramatically worse as you increase your activity level. Nothing dangerous of course, but something to be aware of.

Robert S. Schmidt, MD
College Station Facial Plastic Surgeon

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