Lasik and Lower Blepharoplasty - Sequence?

In the next few years, I'm looking at getting Lasik done. I'd also like to get a lower blepharoplasty to move or remove my hereditary fat pads, probably at the same time as some minor cheek augmentation with fillers or fat transfer. Would you recommend doing Lasik first or the blepharoplasty first, or does it matter? I've talked to one surgeon who said bleph first if possible, but I'm curious what others have to say.

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Blepharoplasty or Lasik

I have had this come up many times, and it does not make a difference. I have seen each one performed first without any negative effect.

Los Angeles Ophthalmologist
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Sequence of LASIK and Blepharoplasty

As a surgeon who provides both LASIK and upper and lower lid blepharoplasyy, I always recommend LASIK first. Lid surgeries cause temporary, or in some cases permanent, dryness that could complicate or delay LASIK healing. Hope this I do hekps

Melissa Toyos, MD
Nashville Ophthalmologist
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