Labiaplasty 3 weeks post-op - Minora and majora stuck together. (photos)

I'm 3 weeks in after a labiaplasty (minora + majora) procedure. The bottom half of my right side appears that the minora and majora are healing together as one with no separation in between them. There's a little lump still but it doesn't hurt or anything so it makes me think it's healed and no longer swollen. Should I be concern? Will it eventually create a crease if I give it time or should I make sure action is taken before it completely heals and is too late?

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Your photos suggest

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there is no 'sulcus' between the minor and majora.  At this point, the only thing you can do is sit tight and allow yourself to heal.  If you still have this lack of sulcus when considered healed, you should be able to ask your surgeon about it and what can be done to improve your results.  If it heals well and the sulcus returns, then great and happy ending.  Keep your surgeon informed of your concerns and continue to follow your surgeon's instructions.

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We need good quality photos to give you good quality answers!

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At 3 weeks there is nothing to be done but wait. If your surgery was performed by a specialized plastic surgeon or cosmetic gynecologist who specializes in labiaplasty and showed you 25 or more before and after photosof their own work , then you probably have little to be worried about. However, although your photo is of poor quality, the results look somewhat weird. Did your "regular gynecologist" do your work? If so, you might be in trouble, as regualr gynecologists are the ones who cause all the "botches" we unfortunately see here.

Whichever, send us 3 IN-FOCUS good quality photos at 6 weeks. If it doesn't come out right, we can give you advice on whether or not you might need a revision and whom you should see. In a metropolitan area like Seattle, you have choices of good experienced genital plastic/cosmetic surgeon. Hopefully it was not your general Gyn..!


Michael P Goodman, MD

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Labiaplasty 3 weeks post-op - Minora and majora stuck together.

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Thank you for the question and photo. Based on this single photo, it is difficult to tell about your concern, still too much swelling. These questions should be addressed to your operating surgeon, he/she knows best. In 3-6 weeks, you will have better view of how you healed. In any case, no surgical intervention should be entertained for at least 6 months. Good luck with your healing.

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Labiaplasty 3 weeks post-op - Minora and majora stuck together.

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Thank you for sharing.

The pic you posted is not as clear as I would like to give an opinion.  I would either repost or wait a few more weeks until the swelling really goes down before posting more pics.

In the meantime, follow all post op instructions and keep your surgeon aware of any questions or issues.

Best of luck

Labiaplasty 3 weeks post-op - Minora and majora stuck together.

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph and congratulations on your labiaplasty and labia majora reduction procedure.  Unfortunately due to the thin nature of the tissues in this region you still have swelling affecting your long-term results.  I would allow at least an additional 3 weeks of healing time to see what your results will be as you should see an improved appearance.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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You are still swollen 3 weeks after your labiaplasty

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Wait until 6 weeks after surgery for the swelling to resolve completely to get accurate picture of your labiaplasty result. There is nothing to do at this point in time. Following the instructions your surgeon gave you.

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