What can I do for itchy, splotchy, redness on neck? (photos)

A couple of months ago I had a basic facial and the aesthetician put a exfoliating mask (not an acid peel) on my neck. It burned while I was getting my facial. Since then, my neck has been constantly red and sometimes itches. I've always had a sensitive neck but realize now that putting neck cream on it and bionect gel hasn't helped. Any idea what this is? I've made an appt with my dermatologist and can't get an appt for 3 weeks.

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Physicians know that this is some of the most sensitive skin on your body. I believe that if it hurts going on then it probably is going to cause a problem. Please don't let the "aestheticians" convince you that you are supposed to feel pain. You are not. Doctors are supposed to know what they are using is safe for the skin they are putting it on. Just my two cents. If you have a reaction like this one, at least return to the person who gave you this "treatment" so that they have to opportunity to see what happened. Perhaps they can offer you the name of the dermatologist who can prescribe something to make it heal faster?Hope you get better,Dr Beverly Johnson

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