Had these huge cheeks since forever; would you recommend buccal fat removal? Who removes fat from lower cheek bone? (Photos)

The picture I posted to the left in the pink you can see all my fat on my mid cheek . and for the other you can see the fat on my middle area of my cheek please tell how to get rid of this thank you!

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Had these huge cheeks since forever; would you recommend buccal fat removal? = possibly #buccalfatremoval #buccalfat

Chubby lower cheeks could be secondary to either excess of fat in the cheek or underdeveloped cheekbones.Chubby lower cheeks could be improved with either buccal fat removal or cheek enhancement (fillers/implants) or both. Patients interested in determining what plastic surgery could help to improve chubby lower cheeks should make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specialized in plastic surgery procedures of the face

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Hello and thank you for the question. In review of your photos, they are not great but here is what I would suggest:  First, it appears that, as you mentioned, you do have a fair amount of mid facial volume - however your naso-labial folds and tear troughs are fairly prominent which suggests you have at least a fair amount of mid-facial ptosis or sagging.  Because you have adequate volume in your mid face, a mid face lift performed through keyhole incisions would reposition your mid facial fat and give you a more angular look, which is what would benefit the most. This could be combined with a buccal fat excision ( I perform mine via an incision-less technique which significantly expedites the healing process), which again, would give your face less of that " rounded look " which you currently have.Feel free to call me for more details.Best,Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS

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