I need advice. What is a good treatment for my face after salicylic peel damage? (Photo)

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Treatment options for acne

hi,we treat acne by complete approach on all parameters,which is your diet,lifestyle changes along with oral medications,topical creams and combination of different types of chemical peels

.You need to consult a cosmetic dermatologist who can guide you accordingly.

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Chemical peels for the face in Santa Monica

Our office utilizes the Melapeel as an effective treatment for skin resurfacing with chemical peels. Melapeels are effective in improving skin complexion, tone, sebaceous content, and fine wrinkling.  Treatments are once monthly. 

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Acne And Peel Damage

This looks like you have active inflammatory cystic acne with pigmentation that needs to be treated.  I would put you on isotretinion and do a combination of light peels and clear and brilliant laser to help clean up the pigmentation, with lightening creams.  After the acne is gone which will take 5-6 months, then I would consider a resurfacing laser for scars.  But for now, you need the acne treated and you should see cosmetic dermatologist as soon as possible.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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