I am 37 what can I do to keep my goose neck tight? (photos)

Hello I am still modeling and trying to look as young as possible . I did ultratherapy on my neck seven months ago but seen no change. What's my next best option? Botox in the neck or thermitight? I don't think I'm ready for a neck lift yet. Any feedback you can give me would be fantastic, thank you!

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Botox vs ThermiTight for hanging neck cords

Some of my patients who have had loose neck muscle cords have benefited by ThermiTight, but not all. It is a down time procedure with swelling and bruising for some patients. Botox has been able to improve the angle of the neck in many, not all patients, by lifting the neck cords. Neither of these procedures produce as much tightening as a surgical neck lift, especially in those cases in which the muscle bands are very thick and heavy. Botox has to be repeated every several months but Themi Tight's effect may last more than two years in some patients. Unfortunately, all patients heal differently and there is no way of predicting who will get the best result.

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Neck tightening

Thank you for the pictures and interesting question.  You are very young, with no fat in the area, very well-defined jawline, and in my opinion minimal skin excess.  I believe the primary issue you have is "banding" of the platysma muscle.  If you haven't yet tried it, I believe Botox would be a good, minimally invasive option first to see if will soften these bands.  If that helps but you want further improvement you could consider a plastysmaplasty.  This would involve a small incision underneath your chin that is well hidden and suturing of the muscle to eliminate these bands and smoothing the contour of your neck.  As you don't have excess skin to be resected I don't believe you would need any other incision that would be involved in a neck lift.  

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