Is the G-Shot Safe?

Is the G-Shot a safe treatment to enhance sexual stimulation?

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Yes, but the O-Shot is more effective

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I've been doing the G-shot since 2007 with no complications. However, since performing the O-Shot my patients are reporting an even better sexual response.  Many will achieve never before attained vaginal orgasms and multiple orgasms. I have switched to the O-Shot.
Please see link below with details of the Orgasm Shot.

Denver Urogynecologist
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G shots safe

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but more challenging to see if they are effective.  Some sort of filler is infiltrated along the anterior vaginal wall in the vicinity of your 'g' spot and this makes it thicker/fuller which could translate into more sensations with intercourse.  No objective way to see if it really works though.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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The "G-Shot" is safe

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Hello and thank you for your question.  The "G-shot" is a means of enhancing the region of the anterior vaginal wall (the G-spot) near the bladder neck, where nerve tissue seems to be more concentrated in some women.  This is done by enlarging the surface area with some type of "bulking agent," such as a dermal filler, for example.  The increased surface area and increased projection of this area into the vaginal canal allows it to receive more stimulation during sex, thereby leading to an enhanced experience for some women.  It is safe when properly performed, however, as with anything in medicine (or in life) there are some risks.  Infection is a rare, but possible complication, as is accidental injection into a vein or artery, which could cause complications resulting from blockage of the blood vessel.  These are extremely rare, such that the procedure is still considered "safe."

Is the G-Shot Safe

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Safe? Yes. Effective? Not so much. The G-shot was originally done with collagen injections and is currently done with hyaluronic acid fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, etc) which last longer. These products are safe and widely used except for the rare patient who has an allergy or sensitivity to the preservatives they contain. It's hard to predict who will benefit from the procedure in advance.

G spot injection generally safe

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G spot injection is a filler injected into the area where the "g- spot" is expected to be located. In 2011, This area was shown histologically to be what we call a "neurovascular bundle"- like, section of tissue. This means it is different than the surrounding tissue.  Neurovascular means there is some innervation ( nerve function) related to the vascular (blood flow) function. 

The G spot augmentation is generally safe when the filler is placed in this area. However- in the exceedingly rare event that some of the filler is injected into the blood vessels in this area - this can have significant complications.  Currently there are other options that do not pose that risk. The "o"-shot- or injection of PRP ( platelet rich plasma from your own blood stream)into that area- creates a growth of tissue, rather than a substance to bulk up the tissue ( filler) .  It's a different approach to the same problem.

Each have pro's and con's.  Injecting filler, does give an immediate improvement in sexual sensitivity, but carries an exceedingly small risk of complication if the filler is accidentally injected into a blood vessel within the G spot, or if it compresses the blood supply too much. This is very rare.  

With PRP you do not have that risk with injecting a blood vessel, however- results may take a few months to develop.  So - patience is key.  Additionally however- if a woman has some areas that are atrophic, or scared ( lichen sclerosis - or post child birth) the PRP can help to regenerate healthier tissue in those spots and make intercourse less painful. 

There are actually many aspects t o these treatments and outcomes that enhance sexual enjoyment,  or treat sexual issues that make orgasm difficult,  sex painful... etc.   The tissues should be assessed for some of these additional issues, and you should have a fairly in depth discussion with your doctor about what exactly is the goal of this treatment for you,  and what issues may or may not be present that also play a role.

For example: If more intensified orgasms,  or initiating g spot orgasms are the goals - you want to know if  your g - spot is either too small, or sits up too high behind the pelvic bone to get enough contact during sex. In these cases  PRP injections and/or Filler G spot injections are very reasonable options.  If g spot orgasms are already occurring and a more intensified orgasm is desired, then additional treatments may have an appropriate place either in conjunction or instead of G spot treatments. It depends on your particular anatomy.  A low dose of testosterone cream to the clitoris can intensify sexual sensation, intensify orgasms, and make them easier to achieve.  But this must be done properly - so speak with your doctor about their comfort level with it, and their research on the approach. But for women who are anorgasmic, (who have never achieved an orgasm), or have a great deal of difficulty achieving orgasm- there are RF ( radio frequency devices ) that can enhance sexual sensation and enjoyment in many ways.  It is worth the conversation- (uncomfortable as that might seem at first)-  better to be fully assessed and know all of your options  - than not - and continue to struggle. So Ask a lot of questions, and be open with your doctor about what your goals are.

Hope that was helpful!

Dr R


How safe is the G Shot and O Shot?? Ask Dr Ellen

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I have had both myself and can attest to the safety, ease of the procedure and It's success!

I prefer to use platelet rich plasma (PRP) for the injections and with the use of a little numbing cream and ice, this is a home run!

In good health,

Ellen Mahony, MD

Ellen A. Mahony, MD
Westport Plastic Surgeon
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Is the G shot safe?

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Absolutely. There are varying protocols for enhancing the clitoris and anterior vaginal wall.  Our office utilizes micronized amnion to provide neurovascular stimulation.  Stem cell therapy is proven to enhance sensation, orgasm, and sexual pleasure.  

Judy Corbett, MD, FACOG
Orange Beach OB-GYN

G Shot to Enhance Sexual Stimulation

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Thank you for your question.  In my practice, I perform both G and O shot in one treatment.  To answer your question, my patients are indicating increased sensitivity and enhanced sexual stimulation.

Is the G shot safe"

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yes and no. How's that for a political answer. The G shot uses a hyaluronic acid gel filler which, if injected badly, could cause problems.The O-shot is much safer as it is only using your own blood product and it is more difficult to do harm with this technique. It should still be done by someone with experience and training.

Rick Balharry, MD
Calgary Physician

Is the Gshot safe?

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Yes, the Gshot appears to be safe and approximately 80% effective in increasing sexual enhancement in women. We have been completing the Gshot for over 8 years now and we have not seen any complications.Many women come back for subsequent injections as they do only last 4-6 months, however many women once they find their Gspot with the help of the Gshot,  and learn how to best stimulate it, don't need further injections.  As with any procedure risks are present and therefore it is very important to review and understand all risks prior to any procedure.

Dr Robert D Moore

Atlanta - Beverly Hills - Dubai

Robert D. Moore, DO
Atlanta Urogynecologist
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