Will form stable sientra implants soften? (Photo)

I chose gummy bears because I thought they were safest and my PS (who I really like) recommended them for my body shape (oval). They feel unnaturally hard and wondering if I can/should replace with saline or silicone? They feel wide. 12 days post op.

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Sientra Form Stable Implants Soften with Time!

Congratulations on your breast augmentation and for getting Sientra breast implants!  Your breast implants are absolutely the best we have.  They have been shown to be the strongest breast implants on the market and therefore have the lowest rupture rates.  They also have the lowest capsule contracture rate of all the breast implants available in the US.  Finally, they end up being the most natural feeling of all the breast implants I have used over the years. 

In the beginning, most patients, like yourself find them hard but over the first 3 months, they soften significantly.  Then over the second 3 months these breast implants soften even more as the scar around them matures.  I have even had patients say that somewhere between 6 and 12 months they softened to the point that their breast implants essentially felt like they were their own tissue and are hardly aware that they have breast implants in place.

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Early post-op

Hi.  Initially, the Sientra implants do tend to feel quite firm.  Don't panic.  They will soften, over 3 or so months.  Try to hang in there!

Softening of Sientra Implants

Thank you for your question.  At 12 days post op, its very common for your breasts to feel a bit firm.  The textured implants have a firmness for about 6-8 weeks.  Then you will notice a significant softening.  I always let my patients know this is coming, so be patient.  I think these implants have a great balance of youthful firmness, and natural softness.  Trust your doctor and hang in there.  Make a follow up appointment to discuss your concerns if you need to, I'm sure they will help explain as well.  

Best, Dr. Schwartz

Michael R. Schwartz, MD
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Form stable implants will not soften

but your appearances are quite acceptable and unless there are compelling reasons to change things, and the risks that you may get nothing of what you seek, its best to do nothing.  You do not appear too 'wide' in your photos.  You have some swelling and you can soften as that resolves.  The implants themselves do not get softer than what you saw when you were in your surgeon's office.  

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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