Is it possible to fix the indent in the tip of my nose?? (photos)

I have had 2 revision rhino plastic procedures. The last procedure was 18 months ago. The doctor used rib graft to build the bridge of my nose and columella. I have thin skin and now have an indent in the tip of my nose. I hate it and am so self conscious of it!!

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Is it possible to fix the indent on my nose

Hello, It would really depend upon what was reconstructed during your last procedure. Additional pictures would be beneficial. It appears that there is a prominence at the border of the lower lateral cartilage.In addition, you describe a very extensive revision. My recommendation would be to f/u with your surgeon as he/she would know what they did during the procedure. I would be very cautious about allowing anyone to attempt repair other than your last surgeon. 
Good luck.Dr. Dominic

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Is it possible to fix the indent in the tip of my nose??

Minor depressions of the nose can be improved with synthetic fillers or fat transfer. Please see example below.

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