FemiLift: When Will I Notice the Results?

Are the results from the FemiLift procedure immediate, or will I need to wait?

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Most of my patients report an immediate improvement in urinary stress incontinence, increased lubrication and greater I sexual sensation. This may be a result of swelling from the treatment, but it appears that the development of younger, healthier tissue coincides with the decrease in the swelling that result from the procedure. Because there is a great amount of tissue that is left untouched, recovery is very quick. At our practice, we recommend avoiding intercourse, the use of tampons or introducing any other foreign object in the vagina for a minimum of three days. After three days, there s a noticeable difference in the feeling of the vaginal canal and patients report that it only improves with time. By the time, a patient has her second treatment, a month later, she feels a significant difference from her pre-treatment status. This procedure is genuinely a win-win-win treatment, giving a woman the confidence that she desires, decreasing any unintentional loss of urine, improving sexual stimulation and creating an aesthetic improvement WITHOUT surgery or downtime

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FemiLift Results

While collagen remodeling takes at least a month, most patients experience some internal swelling which mimics the effect of the FemiLift treatment, allowing the patient to begin to experience the positive results from the treatment immediately.

David Preskill, MD
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The results from the FemiLift treatment are surprisingly noticeable within four or five days after the procedure

Marc Schneider, MD
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FemiLift Results

The results from the Femilift treatments are noticed in a short amount of time, although not immediately.  After the first treatment patients typically start to notice results 1-3 weeks later and continue to see improvement in the problem they were dealing with through their series of 3 treatments and weeks after.

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Femilift Results

Great question.  Although it takes a few weeks for collagen to regenerate, most of my patients have noticed a difference in their moisture, laxity, sensation  and urine leakage symptoms the week after their first treatment.  This may be due to internal swelling, but they continue to see improvement even after the initial swelling subsides.  The recommended  treatment series is 3 over  3 months and maximum results are usually noticed in the months after their third treatment.  

Larissa O'Neill, MD
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When will I notice results?

The "FemTouch" laser by Lumenis is an easy 15 minute, painless office procedure for vaginal rejuvenation.  Some women notice change after one treatment.  Faster results do seem to come with youth, however we have VERY successfully treated our menopause patients within 3 treatments all reporting increased moisture and resolution of urinary incontinence and no more need for a pad during sports.  Visually there was a significant decreased size of the labia minora and increased supple appearance of the inner vaginal mucosa noted on speculum exam.  This is a great, painless option for those wanting to avoid use of hormones to improve vaginal integrity plus the laser provides extra benefits that hormones can not offer.

Femilift results

Thank you for asking.  Most patients report transient immediate results but this is mostly due to swelling post procedure.  
The true benefits are usually realized 3 to 6 moths post procedure

David Ghozland, MD
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Does FemiLift Work Immediately ?

Certainly within  a few weeks you will notice the difference. #Femilift, and the #MonaLisaTouch are nonsurgical laser procedures that treat the mucosa ( internal pink skin) of the vaginal canal. #ThermiVa uses radiofrequency, RF, energy to do the asme. These procedures cause contraction of the vaginal lining as well as stimulate moisture. After the initial treatment maintenance a few times a year is usually recommended. A vaginoplasty surgically makes the canal tighter on a more permanent basis.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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When will I notice the results of my Femi Lift.?

Our patients report that they are noticing increased lubrication within weeks of their first treatment. We offer Femi Lift as a series of 3 treatments administered at 4 week intervals. Our patients are instructed to abstain from intercourse or tampon use for 3 days after each treatment. Improvements in stress urinary incontinence and tightening are often  seen within weeks of the initial treatment and tightening.

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FemiLift: When Will I Notice the Results?

Thank you for asking this question. As a Gynecologist who has performed FemiLift for over 30 patients, I can share their results with you.
Although it dose take time for new collagen to be developed, but depends on vaginal looseness and relaxation of vaginal muscles you might feel changes from one week to 4 weeks after treatment.
Also another point you need to consider is what are you treating?
1) for stress incontinence my pateints are telling me in less than one week they notice good improvement.
2) For patient with complain of pelvic pressure with their period or before period also in less than one week they notice improvement.
3) For vaginal tigthening you notice the changes after 2nd and 3rd treatment. 
On good news if your doctor offers PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma) you will see the improvement even earlier.

Eskandar Simhaee, MD
Great Neck OB/GYN
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