FemiLift: How long do the results last?

Is FemiLift a permanent solution for urinary stress incontenence and vaginal tightening?

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FemiLift is temporary just like Botox

It's not exactly like Botox, but FemiLift works by stimulating collagen formation in the vagina. Collagen doesn't last forever, so the results don't last forever. After the initial series of three monthly treatments, it needs to be repeated annually.

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How long are the results

This procedure is a non surgical approach to treating urinary incontinence and for vaginal tightening.   It helps to restore and enhance the integrity of the vaginal tissue.   Because over time vaginal tissue does change with increased laxicity.  There is a recommendation for a once a year maintenance treatment if the patient feels like the results and symptoms have changed.

David Ghozland, MD
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Results Lasts for...

Results last for several years. The exact time is not known, since everyone has different genetics, lifestyle, nutrition and etc... It's not as permanent as the surgical mesh procedure but provides much less risks.

Jabal Uffelman, MD
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Nothing Lasts Forever

Unfortunately, medicine cannot stop the aging process. We can certainly slow it down and repair some of the issues.  The FemiLift procedure stimulates the growth of of collagen and elastin and requires three treatment to achieve the greatest benefits.  At V Femina, we suggest a yearly maintenance treatment to extend the results of the procedure, and to continue to remind your body to keep making collagen and elastin which are the factors responsible for FemiLifts fabulous results.

Joyce Chams, MD
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How Long femLift Lasts

FemiIft creates the remodeling of the mucosa of the vagina by encouraging the stimulation of collagen and elastin, which n turn create a thicker vaginal wall.  But because the procedure does not stop the aging process- it reverses it and slows it down- the procedure should be repeated on a yearly basis for the longest and mst beneficial results. 

David Preskill, MD
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Maintenance and Follow up after Femilift

We recommend a yearly maintenance treatment for our Femilift patients . Even though we stimulate new collagen formation with the Femilift, we all continue to age, collagen breaks down, so to keep the collagen stimulated yearly only makes sense.    Once a patient has enjoyed increased natural moisture , more sensitivity with sexual activity and increased bladder confidence, we want those patients to continue to enjoy those benefits.  The yearly treatment with the Femilift' s CO2 pixelated laser , creates those small thermal injuries and again stimulates collagen growth.    

Larissa O'Neill, MD
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The Femilift is a new procedure or form of treatment and it has not been out long enough to give an accurate answer

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Femilift results

The changes created with the Femilift are not permanent.  Aging continues.  While results can last for years, some women may benefit from follow up treatments down the road.

Steven S. Carp, MD
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FemiLift: How long do the results last?

It is not clear how long Femi Lift treatments last. We do recommend that our patients have at least a series of 3 Femi Lift laser treatments at 4 week intervals and we offer a 4th treatment within 90 days at no additional charge. We also recommend that our patients return for yearly maintenance laser treatments. While the data regarding Femi Lift effectiveness are in, and it is very clear that Femi Lift is an effective reliable treatment, long term data are being collected now. So there is no factual answer to your question. It is of note, however, to mention that ThermiVa, a radiofrequency treatment, has absolutely no objective data that I can find anywhere supportive of this old technology. In fact, direct application Radiofrequency treatments have been near universally ineffective and worthless, dating back to the Thermage debacle. So, if you want to have a vaginal rejuvenation treatment that actually works, Femi Lift is for you!

Steven M. Gitt, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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FemiLift: How long do the results last?

The answer to your question is simple and logical.
In summary the way the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation work is, it dose increases Elastin and Collagen in vaginal mucosa.  As we know these tissues do age the rest of body, as result they loose their functionality and symptoms will come back.
Depends at what age and what condition you do your Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation and if you include PRP ( Platelet Reach Plasma ) with it, the result will last one year or more.
As you know the earlier you start your cosmetic work the lesser you will need in future and you stay younger Inside and Out.
Mean while do not forget to do your correct Kegal exercise which that also will help you to maintain your vaginal tightness. In my office I have been using Femi Scan which is your individual personal trainer for past 15 years.
Good Luck and Best of Health.

Eskandar Simhaee, MD
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