Eyelid surgery and brows lift. Am I the right person for these surgeries or not? (Photo)

I am in 32 and i want to make eyelid surgery and brows lift so my eyes look bigger and not tired. i am not sure if i m the right person for these syrgeries or no

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In my opinion, brow lift will be so wrong for you.

Very few surgeons have the self control with forehead surgery and the procedure tends to be over done.  Your big issue here is upper eyelid ptosis.  I recommend a careful personal assessment. Based on your photographs which is not a substitute for a consultation, you have upper eyelid ptosis with lash ptosis.  You are raising your eyebrows to compensate for the heavy upper eyelid.  I recommend an anchor upper blepharoplasty with ptosis repair.  Very little skin should be removed to accomplish this work.  The anchor blepharoplasty makes a hard crease in the upper eyelid which is an adhesion between the platform skin and muscle and the tendon that raises the upper eyelid.  This snugs the eyelid platform skin like one tightens a bed sheet making a smooth place for eyelid makeup.  The procedure also supports the upper eyelid lashes.  This makes the eyes more open, brighter, and jewel like.  The eyelid is not left hollowed out like so many upper blepharoplasty procedures.  Study my free ebook cited below which has more information about this procedure.

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No need for surgery

Based on the photo that you have posted, you have excellent brow position and very youthful appearance. There is no need to change something that doesn't need change. If you are still concerned, maybe an in person consultation might be best for you.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Best procedure for tired look of Eyes?

 From the photograph presented I cannot tell if you have ptosis or not. Assuming you do not have ptosis a brow lift will give you the best result if performed by a very experienced brow lift surgeon who does not overdo the brow lift. This will "kill two birds with one stone" by elevating the brow and illuminating excess skin in the upper eyelid. 

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Eyelid surgery and eyebrow surgery

 A full set of photographs are required to make a determination about what surgery may be needed, since the one limited photograph is inadequate. It is important to determine if there is any ptosis present which is a weakness of the actual muscle opening the eyelid. Ptosis repair is a functional surgery. A blepharoplasty procedure It is cosmetic, and involves removal of excess skin and fat to rejuvenate the upper eyelids. A browlift is performed for patients who have low set eyebrows. For many examples of both procedures please see the video and the link below

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