How is the external of the vagina treated with ThermiVa?

Is there a special attachment that's different from wand used to treat the vagina internally?

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Treatment of the external labia with Thermiva

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Thank you for your interest in Thermiva!  The same wand is used to treat both the external labia and the internal vaginal canal.  No special attachment is required.  Like other radiofrequency technology used for facial skin tightening, Thermiva effectively uses temperature controlled RF to tighten the vulvovaginal tissue by increasing blood flow and increasing collagen synthesis.  Good luck!

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ThermiVA and vaginal tightening

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the thermiva device has a heating probe that can be used internally and externally on the vagina to get improvement.  I suggest you get a formal consultation.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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The same wand is used for the internal as well as the external treatments. The wand sends the radiofrequency energy into the deeper tissues of the vagina and vulva skin equally well. It's a great procedure. Good luck. 

ThermiVa labia majora treatment

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It is the same handpiece. The handpiece allows for safe treatment of the external labia . Some impressive results are seen with treatment of labia majora laxity. That is one of the benefits of ThermiVA over the Co2 lasers like the Mona Lisa and the Femilift.

ThermiVa's delicate disposable applicator safely treats the vagina inside and out

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Thank you for asking this very good question!
ThermiVa, unlike the other technologies, has a patented disposable applicator. It’s delicate size and shape makes it easy to treat every woman. This applicator is used for the complete treatment, both inside and outside the vagina.
The idea that ThermiVa requires we use a brand new applicator for each treatment had an enormous impact on me when choosing the right technology for my practice, and I knew it would to my patients, also. It’s extremely comforting to them to see that we open a new applicator just before beginning a treatment.

I have a patient’s before and after photo available on RealSelf, and the treatment results externally may show you a great example of just how effectively ThermiVa can reshape and resize the labia majora.

Thank you again for asking about this detail. I wish you the very best!
Jenn Harrington, MD

ThermiVa wand

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The ThermiVa procedure uses the same wand for both external and internal treatments.  You can contact a ThermiVa provider in your area who can explain the procedure and discuss the benefits with you.

ThermiVa treatment External and Internal

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One of the many great things about ThermiVa is that it treats BOTH the inside and the outside of the vagina.  The same wand is used to treat both. The wand is slender, about the size of an index finger. It gently heats the deep tissue causing changes and growth of new collagen. Many patients say it feels like a hot stone massage and is very comfortable. We have never had a complaint, as the wand was specially designed with the female structures in mind. 

How is the external of the vagina treated with ThermiVa?

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The same wand is used to treat the external vagina to help with tightening of the opening of the vagina and can also help externally with women have looseness to the labia majora (the outer lips of the vagina). Our patients have had great success with the procedure. Best wishes.

Same wand

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ThermiVa has a patented treatment probe that can shrink labia majora and tighten the vagina. It is best to adjust the treatment times so as to improve area that are problematic to each individual patient. 

ThermiVA to Treat the External Genitalia and Internal Pelvic Floor

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The same handpiece is used to treat the external labia and internal pelvic structures during a ThermiVA treatment. Certainly, if you are considering treatment to both areas, I would highly recommend doing them at the same time. The handpieces are a single-use, disposable cost so combining internal and external treatments at the same time is more cost-effective. 

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