Can Electrical Stimulation help tighten the vagina and is it safe?

I am aware that electrical stimulation is used to treat urinary incontinence, but does it also help tighten the vagina muscles to improve sex? If so, is it safe and can it be done at home?

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Great Question!!  And, the surprising answer is "Yes," but not in the way you may think.

Electrical stimulation will not DIRECTLY tighten the vagina, but it CAN be utilized in a specific situation to help begin to stimulate and "exercise the muscles" of the vaginal/pelvic floor, aka the "levator muscles."

There are 2 commercially available units, one called an "APEX" device, the other called "In-Tone."  Pelvic floor physical therapists and Urogynecologists know all about these devices and utilize them regularly.  These are rather sizable long "dildo-shaped" devices that contain "TENS-like" programmable electrical stimulation units.  They are placed into the vagina twice daily for ~ 15 minutes. FOr the first 10 minutes, the unit gives you a stimulation ~   every 15 seconds which automatically CAUSES A CONTRACTION of the levator muscles.  You then finish the session with 5- 10 minutes of Kegel-like muscular contraction-like exercises of your own.

Thus, you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and secondarily tighten the vaginal barrel..  It is work, and you have to do it, but it pays dividends.  If however you are looking for some electrical device to just zap you and- like a miracle, you are tightened... well - that doesn't exist.

A GOOD pelvic floor surgeon who performs vaginal tightening surgery will usually combine his or her work with this type of P.T.  Most urban areas will have what are called "Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists."  This is whom you should see to work with for "electrical stimulation for muscle tightening!"  In my practice in Davis, CA, I automatically include an APEX device and a session with a pelvic floor PT in my Vaginoplasty/Perineoplasty pricing...

I think you are in the New York City area?  A good person to see for tightening surgery in your area, who may also be aware of the electrical stimulation units is Dr. Marco Pelosi III in Bayonne, NJ. You also have many good pelvic floor PTs in NYC.

Best wisnes,

Michael P Goodmanm MD

Tightening the vaginal muscles

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The only way to tighten the vaginal muscles is with a surgery known as a vaginoplasty and/or perineoplasty. There are non-surgical ways to tighten the vaginal canal. The most effective, in my opinion, use CO2 laser technology to heat the vaginal mucosa. See the video above to view the painless treatment.

Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation for improved sexual function

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There are several quick, painless in-office procedures that can help with vaginal tightening and sexual function. These procedures use energy (either radio frequency or laser) to heat the tissues and stimulate collagen. Of these, the Viveve Geneveve has the best long term result and data to support it. It has recently become available in the United States, but has been used for many years in other countries. The treatment is extremely safe without any side effects or downtime. Best of luck, Dr. Meghan Nadeau, Seattle, WA

Meghan Nadeau, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Vaginal tightening and electrical stimulation

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Thank you for the excellent question! First and foremost, please do not attempt vaginal or urinary electrical stimulation at home. Secondly, there is a great treatment that uses a form of electrical stimulation, or radiofrequency, to gently heat tissue and can both tighten the vaginal muscles to improve sex as well as the lower bladder wall to help with leaky bladder symptoms. My suggestion would be to find a Board Certified ThermiVa provider in your area and to contact them for a consultation. Best of luck to you!

Electrical Stimulation & Vaginal Tightening

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Urinary incontinence related to nerve problems is sometimes treated by surgically implanting a pacemaker-like device in the lower back which delivers electrical impulses to the nerves supplying the bladder when everything else has failed. This technology has not been used for vaginal tightening because vaginal laxity is not a nerve problem - it's a muscle problem. The muscles are simply too far apart. Childbirth pushes the vaginal muscles (the levator muscles aka the Kegel muscles) apart to the point that their attachments to the pelvis become permanently loosened. It doesn't matter how strong you make these muscles because nothing except surgery will bring them closer together.

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